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Huge infrastructure scale is the enabler 19 Regions ONLINE…huge datacenter capacity around the world…and we’re growing  100+ datacenters  One of the.

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Presentazione sul tema: "Huge infrastructure scale is the enabler 19 Regions ONLINE…huge datacenter capacity around the world…and we’re growing  100+ datacenters  One of the."— Transcript della presentazione:


2 Huge infrastructure scale is the enabler 19 Regions ONLINE…huge datacenter capacity around the world…and we’re growing  100+ datacenters  One of the top 3 networks in the world (coverage, speed, connections)  2 x AWS and 6x Google number of offered regions  G Series – Largest VM available in the market – 32 cores, 448GB Ram, SSD… Operational Announced Central US Iowa West US California North Europe Ireland East US Virginia East US 2 Virginia US Gov Virginia North Central US Illinois US Gov Iowa South Central US Texas Brazil South Sao Paulo West Europe Netherlands China North * Beijing China South * Shanghai Japan East Saitama Japan West Osaka India West TBD India East TBD East Asia Hong Kong SE Asia Singapore Australia West Melbourne Australia East Sydney * Operated by 21Vianet



5 vpn

6 Compute 1.G Series 2.SSD 3.New VM Gallery 4.Antimalware for VMs & Cloud Services 5.A8/A9 Compute Intensive Instances 6.SAP on Azure 7.Agent Injection in VM’s 8.Encrypted VM Disks 9.VM- Basic Instance 10.Hyper-V Replica 11.Site Recovery Manager E2E 12.Site Recovery Manager E2A 13.Snapshot VM 14.Scheduler 15.Automation 16.AutoScale 17.Antimalware 18.Oracle on Azure 19.SQL, SharePoint, BizTalk Images 20.Per Minute Billing 21.Stop without Billing 22.MSDN Dev/Test Integration 23.Offline Operations 24.Delete Disks 25.Large Memory Skus 26.VIP ACLs Networking 1.Express Route 2.Network Security Groups 3.Forced Tunneling 4.Virtual Network: Point to Site 5.Virtual Network: Site to Site 6.Virtual Network: Cross VNET 7.Loadbalance 8.Instance Level public IP(Preview) 9.Traffic Manager external endpoints 10.IP reservation 11.CDN v.2 12.Subnet Migration 13.Dynamic Routing Storage 1.Premium Storage 2.Azure Site Recovery 3.Read Only Secondary Storage 4.Read Access Geo Redundant Storage 5.Zone Redundant Storage 6.Storage Import/Export Hard Drives 7.Azure Files 8.Storage Tiers(SSD, Disk, Tapes) 9.CORS/JSON 10.Storage Analytics 11.Queue Geo Replication Infrastructure Services

7 Application Services Mobile Services 1.Event Hub 2.API Management 3.Hybrid Connections(preview) 4.Integrated Active Directory 5.AutoScale 6.NET back-end support 7.SSO with Active Directory 8.Offline Data Sync 9.Visual Studio tooling 10.Remote debugging 11.Xamarin components & SDK 12.Sencha extension 13.Notification hubs integration 14.Android support 15.HTML 5/CORS support 16.Windows Phone support 17.Custom API 18.Git Source Control Notification Hubs 1.Kindle support(ADM) 2.Windows 8 and iOS Support 3.Android Support 4.Tag Expressions 5.Mobile Services integration 6.Kindle Fire support 7.Visual Studio tooling 8.Batch registration import Web Sites 1.AAD Authorization(preview) 2.VPN support(preview) 3.Redis Cache 4.TiP Testing(Preview) 5.Websites Basic 6.Websites Standard ( enhancements) 7.Webjobs 8.Backup & Restore(includes DB) 9.Java Support 10.Staging slots 11.Hybrid Connections(preview) 12.Autoscale 13.Traffic Manager 14.Site extensions 15.Browser based editing 16.Autohealing 17.Mercurial Deployment 18.Log Streaming 19.SSL support 20.IP/DDOS Protection 21.Http Logs to Storage 22.WebSockets 23.App Insights monitoring 24.Remote Debug with VS Media Services 1.Live Channels & Live Transcoding(preview) 2.Media encoder premium(preview) 3.Content Protection 4.Indexer 5.VOD Streaming 6.Encoding Integration Services 1.Hybrid Connections(Preview) 2.Biztalk services Azure Automation ( Preview) Azure Scheduler ( Preview)

8 Lungo termine 12 mesi Direttamente su Contratto Enterprise Programmi Open Licensing 8 Zero spesa iniziale, possibilità di annullare in qualsiasi momento Nessun impegno a lungo termine -No minimum -Credit Card, Invoice Payment Info Flessibilità con contratti multilicenza attraverso uno strumento familiare Impegno economico valido per 12 mesi - Minimum - Credit Card, Invoice Payment Info Info Open licensing Offre ulteriori sconti e condizioni nell'ambito di un impegno più profondo verso la piattaforma -Minimum -Invoice Payment Info

9 Purchase interest New server with 500GB HDD Microsoft Azure Back-up, 100GB 100GB Microsoft Azure Backup 0,149€ /GB/month meter rate 14.9€ (100GB x 0,149€) estimated monthly burn rate 178.8€ ($ 14.9 x 12) estimated yearly burn rate 178.8€/74.47€ =2.4  3 SKU di Azure in open Microsoft Azure Back-up Microsoft Azure VMs Example: 9

10 Purchase interest Microsoft Azure Medium VM Microsoft Azure Blob Storage – 1TB Example: 0,056€/Hour ~41,01€/Month A1 Basic VM €37,24/TB Locally Redundant Storage, Up to 1TB 78.25€ estimated monthly total burn rate If customer purchases 372€ of services (6 SKU ) will cover less than 5 months (372€ / 78.25€ = 4.7 months Microsoft Azure Back-up Microsoft Azure VMs 10

11 Licensing scenario Customer purchases $600 of Microsoft Azure Balance: $50 Alert email to customer / partner 12-month expiration, No rollover for initial $600 Customer purchases $1200 Balance: $1250 12-month expiration Period – 1 Each redemption creates a unique 12-month consumption period Previous commitments are exhausted first Unused amounts cannot be rolled over into future periods 12-month consumption period starts when subscriptions are redeemed No limit to number of redeemed subscriptions Configurable alert emails Period – 2 11


13 Oltre a Windows Server, SQL Server e BizTalk Server sono supportati Project Server, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP e Team Foundation Server. L'elenco più recente dei carichi di lavoro supportati è disponibile in questo articolo. Nella tabella sono riepilogati i modelli di licenza per ogni prodottoin questo articolo VM licensing FAQ

14 Plan (Standalone) Plan (Suite) Pay As You Go Monetary Commitment Microsoft Intune Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)  Azure RMS  Azure AD Premium  Azure AD Basic  Azure Site Recovery E2E Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery Promo Azure Site Recovery E2A Azure Backup InMage Scout Included with Plan version of ASR E2E  StorSimple 8000  Azure Plans today Refreshed January 2015

15 Microsoft Confidential15 Per tenere traccia del saldo monetario, usare il portale dell'account e il portale di gestione. È anche possibile configurare avvisi di fatturazione per ottenere messaggi di posta elettronica che segnalano se il saldo monetario è inferiore a una soglia minima definita.portale dell'accountportale di gestione Si riceveranno avvisi automatici quando si raggiunge il 70% e in corrispondenza dell'undicesimo mese di utilizzo della chiave OSA. Sarà anche possibile configurare avvisi personalizzati usando la funzionalità "Avvisi di fatturazione". Per attivare questa funzionalità, vedere qui.qui

16 Virtual Machine Licensing FAQ Microsoft server software support for Microsoft Azure virtual machines Azure Pricing Calcolatore Online Mobilità delle licenze tramite Software Assurance in Azure Versione di valutazione gratuita di un mese*

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