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MUG-TEST A. Baldini 29 gennaio 2002

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1 MUG-TEST A. Baldini 29 gennaio 2002

2 MUG-TEST 2 Layout della presentazione R&D cristalli (risoluzione temporale ed in energia) Studio prototipo LXe cal.: maggior coinvolgimento e test a Tsukuba Beam test Novita’ da settembre Richieste finanziarie


4 4 Position reconstruction Use of a minimisation procedure (MINUIT) LYSO light-guides PMTs is assumed to scale with solid angles such a relation is partially washed out by optical reflections (also reproduced by MonteCarlo ) Polynomial fit + residuals Bad energy resolution  light collection to be improved with sideways PMT mounting expected vs. reconstructed resolution for mip’s MC extrapolation for   1.5 mm OK

5 MUG-TEST 5 Energy resolution Measurements at PSI with electrons at several energies: 52,75, 93 MeV

6 MUG-TEST 6 MC without photon tracing Energy resolution


8 MUG-TEST 8 Energy resolution 3 mm of rubber after 1 mm of aluminum: not foreseen!

9 MUG-TEST 9 Timing resolution

10 MUG-TEST 10 From electrons to photons

11 MUG-TEST 11 LXe experiment: detector overview Liquid Xe e.m. calorimeter Magnetic spectrometer Timing counter Continuous  beam with high intensity FWHM resolution needed

12 MUG-TEST 12 Studi sul timing counter nell’annual report del PSI

13 MUG-TEST 13

14 MUG-TEST 14 Trigger: Prototype status FPGA The XCV405E-8 have been selected Design and simulation are in progress VHDL parameterization (including timing) ready Board Design Already started Implementation by means of CADENCE Component Procurement 8-bit FADC DC/DC Roboclock LVDS (chip+conn.) FPGA 10 bit FADC pin to pin compatible with the 8 bit version order as soon as available Prototype –Ready in few months already received ordered

15 MUG-TEST 15 Large Calorimeter prototype 264 PMTs, 100 l LiXe Use of inverse-Compton scattered  -beam provided at TERAS, AIST, Tsukuba, Japan  -energy spread < 1% at Compton edge E = 10, 20, 40 MeV : first test to be repeated in february Test with cosmic rays (movable telescope) Forte invito a collaborare: 160 canali di fan-out (ex. Exp. MACRO) 10 l LXe (Padova) Partecipazione calibrazioni, test, analisi Partecipazione e condivisione responsabilita’ esperimento finale

16 MUG-TEST 16 - dal decadimento di a riposo sulla superficie del bersaglio (surface muons) - misure nel 1999 Z-branch: contaminazione circa 10%

17 MUG-TEST 17 Buona riduzione della contaminazione di positroni ma forte riduzione dell’intensita’ di

18 MUG-TEST 18 1. Trigger 2. Timing counter 3. Read-out 4. LXe Calorimeter Richiesta attuale: 1.5 m.u. KEK + 2 m.u. PSI ~ 25 KEuro m.e. 1.5 KEuro di trasporti Termine test su LXe cal. e presentazione proposta (giugno)

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