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L'infrastruttura ICT dei laboratori virtuali ENEA a supporto della ricerca industria & territorio Ing. Silvio Migliori ENEA – UTICT

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Presentazione sul tema: "L'infrastruttura ICT dei laboratori virtuali ENEA a supporto della ricerca industria & territorio Ing. Silvio Migliori ENEA – UTICT"— Transcript della presentazione:

1 L'infrastruttura ICT dei laboratori virtuali ENEA a supporto della ricerca industria & territorio Ing. Silvio Migliori ENEA – UTICT ENEA-UTICT Technical Unit for Information Systems and ICT

2 2 ENEA-UTICT Technical Unit for Information Systems and ICT Laboratories Infrastructure and Network Services Infrastructure for Scientific Computing Information Technologies Management Implementing new projects and Web Applications

3 ENEA GRID CodeApplication field FLUENT, OpenFoamCFD ANSYS,ABAQUS, NASTRAN Structures FLUKA,ERANOSNuclear MCNP, MCNPXNeutronics MpCCIFluid-structure interaction USER codesAny type and platform Web access Softwares Instruments ENEAGRID integra in un'unica infrastruttura l'insieme delle risorse di calcolo scientifico di ENEA, distribuite nei suoi principali centri di ricerca.

4 CASACCIA FRASCATI S.Teresa Saluggia Ispra BOLOGNA PORTICI TRISAIA BRINDISI Manfredonia ENEA-GRID Computational & 3D Centers (more then 6000 core) 90 > #CPU/Core 45 Summer core Intell 8 core/soket ENEA-GRID

5 ENEA-GRID: Development Sensor nets ENEA-GRID Born in 1998 with 6 Italian geographic clusters Main aim Give to ENEA researchers a unified environment to use in an easy way heterogeneous computers and applications software Build an homogeneous ICT infrastructure but with a distributed and delegated control Integrate the ENEA-GRID with National and International GRIDS Data archives Colleagues & 3D Software catalogs Computers Application Fabric Connectivity Resource Collective User


7 ENEA-GRID concept Potentiality: Running all Software Model for any kind of computer architecture Only one installation for each software for all geographical computers All authorized users can have access the software from local site Any application can share the data in the common geographical file system All sensors can share the data easily using the geographical file systems Sensor nets Computers Portic i ( Roma-1 Bologna EU… BrindisiRoma-2 Trisaia Software catalogs Computers Sensor nets ENEA-GRID Software Model 1 Software Model 2 Software Model 3 Software Model.. Rules Computers

8 feature under develops for high resolution of microscope images (TEDAT Project) Site … Site 2 SITE 1 Logical access (AFS) MySQL structure Microscope High definition images CRESCO NX servers with graphic board New ENEA-GRD Java/web technology Low internet bandwidth for high resolution images 3D scenes ENEA-GRID


10 Some CRESCO HPC speed-up Fluent OpenFoam Commercial code Combustion Open Source Processors User Code CPMD Spedup procs

11 DB_1 CPUS ENEA GRID WEB ICA SSH DNA Sequence system ( ABI Prism 3700) Trisaia DB_3 DB_2 Electron Microscope (Brindisi) 300 KeV (sept. 2004) ENEA GRID and experimental facilities Controlled Nuclear Fusion: FTU Frascati Tokamak Upgrade Video Acquisition

12 HPC: Application areas Ingegneria Nucleare Ambiente e Clima Combustione Scienze dei materiali Fluidodinamica Bioinformatica Infrastrutture critiche Beni culturali Efficienza Energetica La modellistica avanzata è uno strumento indispensabile alla progettazione di soluzioni innovative ad alta efficienza energetica

13 Risultati di simulazioni condotte su CRESCO: Cobustibili Visualizzazione 3D di una fiamma di metano Visualizzazione 3D del campo ti temperatura in un combustore

14 VorticityVorticity Axial Velocity 10 Pa, 20 kHz Utilizzo di onde acustiche nelle applicazioni di processi di stabilizzazione e controllo di fiamme. A sinistra tipica fiamma iniziale con Bluff. A destra introduzione di onde acustiche. Risultati di simulazioni condotte su CRESCO: Onde acustiche

15 Risultati di simulazioni condotte su CRESCO: Dinamica Molecolare organica-inorganica Photovoltaic applications: organic solar cells Polymer solar cells are considered to be a potential candidate to solve the problem of the growing need of renewable, cost-effective energy sources. The maximum open circuit voltage for polymer solar cells is related to the difference between the HOMO of the electron donor and the LUMO of the electron acceptor. We implemented a theoretical approach to design fullerene derivatives to be used as electron acceptor in polymer solar cells. We calculated the LUMO levels of fullerene derivatives successfully used as electron acceptors and we correlated the obtained values with the Voc of the corresponding device.

16 Risultati di simulazioni condotte su CRESCO: Ambiente e Clima Dominio computazionale del modello climatico Protheus Visualizzazione 3D di dati del mediterraneo

17 Fluidodinamica su Cresco HPC System: Efficienza Energetica nellEdilizia Benchmark 3D room Energy efficiency in building

18 Laser scanning Juvanum by HDS Scansioni punti Valori di XYZ riflettenza e colore Acquisizione di coord.GPS VISUALIZATION OF A SET OF MILLIONS OF POINTS OSG viewer: Currently there are commercial software capable to display a large amount of data in near realtime, but we were oriented to an open source solution using our ENEA-GRID, the OpenSceneGraph libraries and the powerful viewer. Distances evaluation: Integrating the ANN library in the OSG viewer code, it was possible to impolement a tool for evaluating distances between points in the 3D scene. Visualization of 3D laser scanner data from an archaeological site

19 FARO - Fast Access to Remote Objects Graphics terminal Frontend all O.S. FARO Accesso WEB a dati,applicazioni, macchine virtuali realizzato con una integrazione di NX e applicazioni java

20 ENEA-GRID & CRESCO ACCESS FARO for Industry (Virtual LAB) Graphics terminal Frontend all O.S. SOFTWARE FARO for Virtual LAB (Gateway)

21 21 Cloud Computing: OpenNebula Pool of technologies and instruments able to export services in the net Typical Services: Storage/Archiving Data elaboration Remote Software Virtualization Advantages for users: Ubiquitous data and resources access Device independance User-friendly interface and simple usage Saving of HW and SW cost and maintenance operations

22 OpenNebula e ENEA-GRID Accessibilità integrata in FARO Accesso integrato con il portale FARO Lista delle VM disponibili


24 Piattaforma ICT di integrazione – Smart Village in campo I/O applicazioni verticali da e verso il campo Database integrato da e verso il campo Data fusion e sistemi decisionali Interfaccia smart village

25 Thanks for your attention Ing. Silvio Migliori ENEA – UTICT /

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