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Technology and environment progress on the same way

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2 Technology and environment progress on the same way
ECM Technology and environment progress on the same way Dry filtration sector design implementing and turnkey for any type of filtration by all industrial processes. Thermal and Energy sector design and implementing shot cleaning and hammer rapping systems for boiler membrane walls and convective sections. Send storage and ricirculation systems for fluidifized bed combustors DeNox sector Design and implementing for Additive dosing systems : Urea, Ammonia, Bicar, lime, Dolomite Hendling and storage sector Design and implementing complex systems handling and storage for dust ,ash,granulate and chemicals.

3 ECM is an engineering company founded in 1990 and his mission is to design and manifacture complete systems and components for enviromental, energy, handling and storage plants. We are specialist in polluted from chemicals process, metal and glass fournaces,waste to energy and every type of industrial processes. More than 20 years of experience have also enabled us to approch industrial boilers and waste to energy

4 boilers constructors and users to supply equipment for ash removing, handling, storage and descharging and also storage , dosing, pneumatic transport and handling of limestone, sands and other additives for fluidized bed combustors. Our Know-how in a wide range of fields,from steel production to glass making, from chemicals to textiles From energy production to the mechanical industry enable us to approach you as a reliable and trustworthy potential partner for the solution of your problems. We can garantee satisfaction, and are often, called in when the other have given up without achieving the required results.

5 Green Vision is a corporate policy characterized by respect for the environment, with sustainable development and renewable energies as the basis for all activities. By means of this policy, we undertake to work towards eco-efficient use of natural resources, for energy savings based on renewable resources, for the control and reduction of emissions into the atmosphere harmful for both this and for humans, for the introduction in industrial processes of all the most ground-breaking techniques able to safeguard the ecosystem. By adopting the GREEN VISION policy, ECM, which already designs and manufactures machines and plants used for environmental protection and the production of energy from renewable sources, undertakes to pursue a business, design, production and research policy with the concepts expressed above as its guidelines, with even greater determination

6 Settore Denox e reagenti Settore trasporto stoccaggio polveri
ECM WORK IN PROGRESS Settore Ecologia Fumes and dust removal facilities With: Bag filters Electrofilters Cartridge filters Scrubber and wet filters Settore Energia Hammer rapping system (electric and pneumatic) Shot cleaning Sand ricirculation system for fluidized bed combustors Loading system fuel in powergrid or fluidized bed for boiler Power plants with renevable sources ( photovoltaic and biomasses ) Settore Denox e reagenti Dosing and injection sistems Urea Dosing and injection sistems Ammonia Dosing and injection sistems Bicar Dosing and injection sistems Lime Dosing and injection sistems active carbon Settore trasporto stoccaggio polveri Scraper chain conveyor dry or in water (ashes and powders) High Temperature screw conveyors Apron Transporters Double clapet valves and special till 900°C Cable loading systems High and low pressure transport systems Handling and storage for ash and dust

Customer YEAR Filtro trattamento fumi da VOD DANIELI 2009 Linea depolverazione fumi da centrale termovalorizzazione Biomasse SARDINIA BIO ENERGY 2008 Filtri vari depolverazione ossido di calce SUEZ LIME EGITTO Linea depolverazione fumi da centrale gassificazione CDR EUROPOWER Linea depolverazione fumi da forni fusori piombo Centro Laminati 2007 Linea depolverazione fumi da forno fusione alluminio Novelis Linea depolverazione polveri da scarico e trasporto limestone Alstom Linea depolverazione fumi da forno calce (forno Felcalz) Gruppo Unicalce Linea depolverazione fumi da centrale incenerimento reflui liquidi LONZA 2006 Linea depolverazione impianto trattamento rigenerazione carboni attivi CHEMVIRON belgio Linea trattamento fumi oleosi Vibo Linea depolverzione fumi forno calce (forno Maerz) gruppo unicalce 2005 Linee varie di depolverazione su trasporto ossido di calce Calce s. pellegrino Impianti vari di depolverazione fumi da forni alluminio PROFILGLASS 2001/2005 Linea depolverazione fumi impianto compostaggio CDR BAS Bergamo 2004 Impianti vari di depolverazione linea CMC Lamberti 2002 Impianti vari di depolverazione fumi da forno alluminio FONDERIE 1998/2000

MECHANICALS HANDLING SYSTEMS - CHAIN COVEYORS PLANT Customer YEAR DANIELI - per linee in Russia, Giappone, Siria, Kuwait, Arabia Saudita, Spagna DANIELI CONSEGNA 2009 HERA - Rimini SICES - PENS. FCL 2008 HERA DANIELI - per linee in Russia, Ucraina,Brasile, S.Corea Danieli Group. STG - Acc. di Sarezzo, Acc. Beltrame Gruppo STG 2007 DANIELI - Russia,Usa,Egitto,Spagna,Bulgaria, Equador DANIELI - Messico, Venezuela, Emirati Arabi 2006 HERA - Ferrara SICES - PENSOTTI 2006/2007 HERA - Forlì AUBERT & DUVAL - Francia HASCON TSW - Germania TECOAER - Francia tecoaer MISTRAL - Spilinbergo Mistral 2005 ILVA - Taranto DANIELI - Qatar TECOAER - San Didero - Italia TECH INT RSU - Vercelli TM.T. 2004 RECHITT BENKISER - Mira RECHITT BENKISER DANIELI - Perù daNIELI DANIELI - Russia TECH INT - Venezuela NUOVA ROMANO BOLZICCO - Manzano romano bolz. 2003 DANIELI - Spagna DANIELI - Bosnia SIRI - Lisbona SIRI TAMPIERI Energia - Faenza C.C.T. DANIELI - Grecia 2002 SEABO - Bologna TECNITALIA RSU - Desio SECIT STC - Forlì Imp. Airasca STC - Forlì Imp. Termoli B.A.S. - Bergamo c.c.t. 2001 DANIELI - Egitto MENGOZZI - Forlì 2000 SALAISE - VON ROLL - Francia MARANGONI Pneum. - Rovereto 1999 MARANGONI Pneum. - Anagni

PLANT Customer YEAR CALCE DOLOMIA - (Ossidi di Calce) CALCE DOLOMIA 2008 HERA - Modena - (PSR - CV) Hera HERA - Forlì - (PSR - CV - PCR) alstom 2006/2007 HERA - Ferrara (PSR - CV - PCR) 2006 CHEMVIRON - (Ricircolo polveri da filtro a maniche) IDRECO FOSTER WHEELER - (Linea Ceneri Lomellina Energia) Alstom UNICALCE - (Ossidi di Calce da Forno Maerz) unicalce C.C.T. - Parigi - (n° 2 Linee Ceneri) C.C.T. 2005 calce dolomia 2004 B.A.S. - Bergamo - (n° 4 linee Ceneri) B.A.S. 2003 APPIA ENERGY - Massafra - (Calcare) C.C.T. - Bergamo - (n° 1 Linea Ceneri) 2002 FILTRO ALLUMINO - Taranto - (Calce + Carbone Attivi) FONDERIE 2001 EDISON - Verzuolo - (Sabbia/Calcare) C.c.t. 2000 BIOCHEM biochem 1999 FILTRO FORNO VETRO - (Calce) VETROtEX 1998

PLANT Customer YEAR DANIELI - per linee in Russia, Giappone, Siria, Kuwait, Arabia Saudita, Spagna DANIELI CONSEGNA 2009 HERA - Modena - Sili CV e PSR HERA 2008 DANIELI - per linee in Russia, Ucraina, Brasile, S.Corea Danieli GRUPPO STG - Acc. di Sarezzo, Acc. Beltrame Gruppo STG 2007 DANIELI - Russia,Usa,Egitto,Spagna,Bulgaria,Equador DANIELI - Messico, Venezuela, Emirati Arabi 2006 B.A.S. - Bergamo - Ricircolo Sabbia B.A.S. B.A.S. - Bergamo - Scarico Scorie ALTO VICENTINO AMBIENTE - Schio (n° 3 linee) a.v.a. CHEMVIRON - Calce idreco LOMELLINA ENERGIA - Ceneri FOSTER WHEELER C.C.T. - Parigi - Ceneri - RSU C.C.T. 2005 IMTECH - Austria - Ricircolo Sabbia DANIELI - Perù - Ceneri 2004 DANIELI - Qatar - Ceneri DANIELI - Russia - Ceneri META - Ceneri META APPIA ENERGY - Massafra - Sabbia 2003 DANIELI - Spagna DANIELI - Bosnia RHODIA - Scarico Sili GRUPPO RHODIA DEGUSSA AUSIMONT - Percarbonato MED-AVOX 2002 LAMBERTI - CMC LAMBERTI 2000

RAPPING DEVICE BY HAMMERS PLANT Customer YEAR TM.E. San Vittore del Lazio (Fr) Pensotti fcl 2009 CEMENT DU MAROC - Marocco Italcementi SARDINIA BIO ENERGY - Serramanna (Ca) Frassi & de Ferrari 2008 STC - Pignataro Salerno Italy Ansaldo caldaie HAFNER - Germania hafner PUBLICONSULT - Poggibonsi Siena - RSU 2007 A.AM.P.S. - Livorno - RSU atzwanger TM.E. - Valmadrera - RSU Frassi & de ferrari AGRIVIS - Mida agrivis 2006/2007 E.R. Recuperator - Collio E.R. Recup. 2005 E.R. Recuperator - Sellero META Modena - RSU C.C.T. PENSOTTI IDR. ZAK - Kaiserlautern - Germania HAFNER 2004 SEABO - Bologna Termomeccanica (Hera) 2003 KUNTNLE KOOP & KAUSS - Germania TAMPIERI Energia - Faenza STC - Forlì Imp. Airasca 2002 STC - Forlì Imp. Termoli DUPONT ELECTRICITE MARTINICA 2001 PENSOTTI IDROTERMICI PENSOTTI. IDR. B.A.S. - Bergamo MENGOZZI - Forlì 2000 SALAISE - VON ROLL VON ROLL - Trezzo d’Adda MARANGONI Pneum. - Rovereto 1999 MARANGONI Pneum. - Anagni CURTI RISO - Valle Lomellina U.G.M. AREA - Ravenna (Hera) 1998 CART. BURGO - Mantova CAVIRO - Faenza 1997 SORIS - Serravalle Scrivia 1995

2006/2007 FORSTER WHEELER - Parona Lomellina ALSTOM 2006 META - Modena - RSU C.C.T. 2005 LUCENA - Spagna - Biomassa 2004 MISTRAL S.p.A. - Spilimbergo - RSU/ROT MISTRAL SIA - Stab. Viadana - Biomassa (n° 2 Linee) SIA 2003 STC - Forlì Imp. Airasca Biomassa 2002 STC - Forlì Imp. Termoli - Biomassa ENI - AMBIENTE S.p.A. - Stab. Scarlino (n° 3 linee) AMBIENTE DANIELI - Buttrio per Egitto Steel Plant DANIELI 2001 B.A.S. - Bergamo - RSU INOVA/MAUBEUGE VON ROLL - Francia - RSU 2000 SIT - Mortara - Biomassa (2 Linee) SIT ARCHIMICA - Origgio - (Clariant Chemicals) ARCHIMICA 1999 ACS DOBFAR - Chemicals ACS AREA - RSU 1998 CART. BURGO - Mantova - Biomassa CAVIRO Plant - Biomassa CAVIRO 1997

PLANT Customer YEAR STC - Pignataro (Sa) ANSALDO 2009 STC – Atena Lucana (Sa) 2008 SARDINIA BIO ENERGY - Serramanna (Ca) SARDINIA BIO ENERGY TAMPIERI – Faenza (Ra) TAMPIERI 2007 NOVELIS - Luxemburg NOVELIS IMTEC Deutschland Gmbh - Austria Biomasskraftwerk MARCEGAGLIA 2006 META - Modena - RSU 2005 PROFILGLASS - Fano (Pu) PROFILGLASS 2005/2006 VETROTEX - Besana Brianza (Mi) VETROTEX 2003

14 Bag filter for furnace fumes (Maerz furnace)
Gruppo UNICALCE Bag filter ,fumes from alluminium casting NOVELIS Luxemburg

15 Ashes handling ,from waste steam generator
STC Airasca Ashes handling from MSW steam generator HERA

16 Handling and storage dust ,foundry plant EAF
ACCIAIERIA di Sarezzo Brescia Handling dust in foundry plant EAF DANIELI Spagna

17 Biomasses’s loading system from silo
C.C.T. Austria Screw conveyor for wood Biomasses

18 Sand storage and ricirculation system for fluidized bed combustor
B.A.S. Bergamo Ash storage LOMELLINA Ambiente PARONA Lomellina Pavia

19 Ash and reagent storage system in biomasses incineretor
SARDINIA BIO ENERGY Serramanna Cagliari Filtration fumes plant in biomasses incineretor

20 Filter from gasification fumes line APPIA ENEERGY Taranto
Gas treatment plant from gasification line EUROPOWER Catanzaro

21 Reactor Bicar. From Gasification fumes line
EUROPOWER Catanzaro Skid loading Ammonia system TAMPIERI Faenza

22 Shot Cleaning system for boiler economizer
CCT Lucena Spagna BAS Bergamo

23 Pneumatic transport of ashes and dust in biomasses incineretor MSW
Pneumatic transport of ashes from bag filter BAS Bergamo Pneumatic transport of ashes and dust in biomasses incineretor MSW HERA Modena

24 Liquid waste incineration plant, furnace, boiler economizer ,bag filter
LONZA Ravenna Hopper loading MSW HERA Ferrara, Forlì, Rimini

25 Hammer rapping system STC Airasca, Termoli Banch hammer rapping system HAFNER Bolzano

26 Cooler from steelworks fumes
DANIELI Russia Boiler economizer LONZA Ravenna

27 Power 49,68 kWp Photovoltaic plant Enernew Italia Photovoltaic plant.

28 ECM S.r.l. Via Cremona, LEGNANO (MI) TEL FAX

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