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IONAS Project: Financial issues Brindisi, 21 – 22 January 2005 Andrea Del Mercato, Project manager Director International Relations and European Affairs.

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Presentazione sul tema: "IONAS Project: Financial issues Brindisi, 21 – 22 January 2005 Andrea Del Mercato, Project manager Director International Relations and European Affairs."— Transcript della presentazione:

1 IONAS Project: Financial issues Brindisi, 21 – 22 January 2005 Andrea Del Mercato, Project manager Director International Relations and European Affairs Dept. City of Venice

2 IONAS Project - Guidelines for Financial Reporting ERDF Financial Flows ERDF and Italian National Contribution (only for Italian Partners) IONAS Financial Reporting: TIME AND DEADLINES FIRST REPORTING PERIOD REPORT MODEL WHICH DOCUMENTS BUDGET HEADING OTHERS: an explanation

3 The FLOW of ERDF FUNDS LP and PPs Prepare financial report LP and PP sends the report to the FLC to be certified FLC checks correctness, eligibility of expenses certifies the report FLC sends back to the PP the certified financial report LP collects the audited reports MA receives and approves the Project report PA activates the ERDF LP receives the total ERDF amounts LP sends the general report to the MA makes a request for payment to the PA LP distributes the quota to each PP PA sends the ERDF funds to the LP PP 3 Receives the ERDF PP n. Receives the ERDF PP 2 Receives the ERDF LP: Lead Partner PP: Project Partners MA: Managing Authority PA: Paying Authority FLC: First Level Control - Auditor

4 Illustration of the ERDF payment procedure ref. to previous slide 1.The LP and the PPs implement their activities by advancing their foreseen financial contribution 2.The PPs keep the accounts of their expenses with all the original invoices/documents proving expenditure 3.Each assigned auditor (FLC) certifies the expenditures of the LP and the PPs 4.Every 6 months the PPs send a Report of the activities and of the certified expenses to the LP 5.The LP collects all the Reports and the invoices 6.The LP sends the General Report to the Managing Authority and to the INTERACT Secretariat and makes a refunding request to the Paying Authority 7.The Managing Authority controls the correctness of the report and the Paying Authority refunds the LP of the total co-financing quota (ERDF) 8.The LP receives the contribution and distributes the refunding ERDF quota to each PP

5 LP: Raccoglie rendicontazioni già certificate di tutti i partners MA: approva il rendiconto PA: attiva i fondi ERDF LP: riceve tutto il cofinanziamento ERDF LP invia la rendicontazione alla Autorità di Gestione (MA) e chiede rimborso allAutorità di Pagamento (PA) LP: distribuisce le quote ERDF ai partner NON italiani PP ITA n. 2 riceve ERDF + FdR Ministero dell Economia e Finanze Attiva il Fondo di Rotazione (FdR) PP non italiani ricevono ERDF LP: Invia ERDF destinato ai partner ITALIANI al Ministero dell Economia e delle Finanze MINISTERO Invia ERDF + FdR ai partner ITALIANI LP riceve ERDF + FdR PP ITA n. 3 riceve ERDF + FdR PP ITA n. riceve ERDF + FdR Flusso finanziario ERDF + contributo nazionale PP: Preparano la propria rendicontazione la inoltrano al loro Certificatore di Primo Livello per la certificazione delle spese PP inviano al LP la loro rendicontazione LP: Lead Partner PP: Project Partner MA: Autorità di Gestione PA: Autorità di Pagamento FdR: Fondo di Rotazione

6 Sintesi della procedura illustrata nella slide precedente 1. Ciascun Partner presenta la rendicontazione e le relative pezze giustificative al proprio Certificatore di Primo Livello (+ 1 copia per conoscenza al Lead Partner) 2. Il Certificatore di Primo Livello comunica lattestazione di certificazione delle spese al Partner 3. Ciascun Partner trasmette al Lead Partner lattestazione di certificazione delle spese ricevuta dal proprio Certificatore (+ 1 copia della rendicontazione certificata al Lead Partner con eventuali richieste di integrazione o dichiarazioni di inammissibilità delle spese) 4. Una volta ottenuta la certificazione di primo livello da parte del suo Certificatore, il Lead Partner presenta una rendicontazione complessiva del progetto per il periodo considerato alla Managing Authority (MA) ed effettua la richiesta di contributo alla Paying Authority (PA) di INTERACT. 5. La Managing Authority approva la richiesta di rimborso e la Paying Authority (PA) trasferisce il contributo comunitario complessivo (ERDF) al Lead Partner 6. Il Lead Partner trasferisce al Ministero dellEconomia e Finanze - IGRUE (Ispettorato Generale Rapporti con lUnione Europea) la quota di contributo comunitario relativa ai partner italiani 7. L IGRUE attiva il cofinanziamento nazionale e trasferisce direttamente a ciascun Partner la quota spettante ( contributo comunitario ERDF + contributo nazionale )

7 FINANCIAL REPORTS TIMING AND DEADLINES 1st Reporting Period: 01.05.2004 – 31.12.2004 deadline: 31 January 2005 (within this date Financial Report of the certified expenses must be sent to the Lead Partner) 2nd Reporting Period: 01.01.2005 – 30.06.2005 deadline: 31 July 2005 3rd Reporting Period: 01.07.2005 – 31.12.2005 deadline: 31 January 2006 4th Reporting Period: 01.01.2006 – 30.06.2006 deadline: 31 July 2006 5th Reporting Period: 01.07.2006 – 30.10.2006 deadline: 30 November 2006

8 1st REPORTING PERIOD Exclusively for the first reporting period 01.05.2004 – 31.12.2004 Partners are asked to report costs related to the following headings: - PERSONNEL: working hours dedicated to the project (activities, participation to the Ancona meeting, work on financial report) - MEETINGS: only for the City of Ancona as of 31 st December 04 - TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION: costs for travel, hotel, lunches and dinners (for the meeting in Ancona) - PROMOTION AND PUBLICATION: only for the City of Venice - EXTERNAL EXPERTISE: only for City of Venice and Eurosportello Veneto as of of 31 st December 04 - OTHERS: none


10 WHICH DOCUMENTS ARE NECESSARY FOR F. REP. Documents that must be kept by the Project Partner in the project folder: - Original or certified copies of invoices - Payslips of the people working in the project - Proof of payment of social charges and taxes (I.e. social assistance, pension funds and fiscal taxes etc..) - Receipt/proof of payments - Timesheets of the working hours spent on the project Documents that must be sent to the Lead Partner: - Reporting Form certified by each Partners First Level Control - A copy of the documentation described above

11 Budget Heading: OTHERS The International Centre Cities on Water will support the LP and the PPs for Project and Financial Management. Each EU partner will provide - out of their own ERDF co- financing- 4.500,00 as a contribution to the International Centre Cities on Waters tasks: - Cities on Water will produce an activity report and will send it to each partner together with a request for payment -The partners will transfer their contribution to Cities on Water -The partners will report these contributions in the periodical financial reports. Technical Partners, hence : –Eurosportello Veneto –OkoB. Plan Wien, –Euro Info Centre Koper – and NON EU partners Do NOT have to provide such an amount.

12 CONTACT THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION For any additional information, please contact: Roberta Rebesani and/ or Elena Ferrario International Relations and European Affairs Dept. City of Venice Tel: +39 041 2700 811 dir line 815 / 819 Fax: +39 041 2700 890 E-mail:

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