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Giovanni Falcone & Paolo Borsellino.

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Presentazione sul tema: "Giovanni Falcone & Paolo Borsellino."— Transcript della presentazione:

1 Giovanni Falcone & Paolo Borsellino

2 …Giovanni Falcone… « La mafia non è affatto invincibile. È un fatto umano e come tutti i fatti umani ha un inizio, e avrà anche una fine. Piuttosto bisogna rendersi conto che è un fenomeno terribilmente serio e molto grave e che si può vincere non pretendendo eroismo da inermi cittadini, ma impegnando in questa battaglia tutte le forze migliori delle istituzioni. »

3 …Paolo Borsellino… « Chi ha paura muore ogni giorno, chi non ha paura muore una volta sola. »

4 Falcone and Borsellino, two names, one place in our collective imagination, witnessing a tragedy that has affected everyone, a whole people. It 's difficult to separate these two words, impossible to speak of John, without immediately remember Paul. In our mind has established an automatic mechanism that will be difficult to remove. Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino were united in life, bound by a "job" that was their mission to free the society from the oppression of a "weed" - the Mafia - who is born, lives and thrives in the same mood nutritional product from Sicily

5 Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino are now inextricably linked in our memories. As with those who become a symbol against their will, only heroes for trying to exercise their right to assert their opinion, for refusing the easy way of accommodation and the quiet life. Their end, horrible and tragic, they have fused together. So that today, almost naturally, the traveler who comes close to Sicily heard their names before even setting foot on the island. At the time of landing will be the voice of the commander to inform that "in a few minutes we will land at the airport Falcone - Borsellino". The Sicilians, Sicilian honest judges like those who fell in less than two months apart. The mobsters who respect them, as they feared when they were alive.



8 This picture you see was not attached to the acts of the processes for the massacre of Via D'Amelio. Just as it was attached a report prepared by two service inspectors Criminalpol of Catania with a number of important clues on the killer stalking the place of death with the remote control: a glass splintered, disassembled and leaning on the parapet on the top floor of the building under construction, some cigarette butts on the ground, as 26 forest trees to protect from prying eyes.  



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