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Giovanni Biondi ICT e trasformazione della Scuola.

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Presentazione sul tema: "Giovanni Biondi ICT e trasformazione della Scuola."— Transcript della presentazione:

1 Giovanni Biondi ICT e trasformazione della Scuola

2 Il contesto internazionale “School no longer has a monopoly on learning… even at compulsory school level. Now shares it (education) with society at large, including international networks and above all the new media” EDUCANET2, 2004 [It is important to encourage] “schools to develop as learning organizations” OECD – Educational Ministerial meeting in Dublin, 2004 OCSE

3 Il contesto internazionale Possono le ICT trasformare la scuola o si tratta di un’eterna promessa? Non è più il caso di porsi questa domanda… certamente si! Il problema è se la scuola saprà cogliere questa opportunità. Rapporto della Commissione del Congresso USA, 2003

4 Il contesto internazionale The Digital disconnect American Institute for Research, 2002 Toward a new golden age in American education How the Internet, the low and today’s students are revolutionizing expectations National Education technology Plan - USA Department education, 2005 Nuova fase del rapporto tra ICT e scuola dal cambiamento alla trasformazione

5 Il contesto internazionale Today’s students… prefer to access subject information on the Internet… Progressive teachers, principals and superintendents understand this. Students and teachers become partners in the exploration of this universe. … the single most important driver of educational progress in the coming decade: the No Child Left Behind Act … with its 2014 deadlines poses powerful goals to the education community. Combined with the increased use of new technologies and the motivate expertise of today’s students, it means that 10 years from now could be looking at the greatest leap forward in achievement in the history of education.

6 “[There has been] a chorus of pronouncements that ‘the information society’ both requires and makes possible new forms of education...... tardiness in translating these declarations into reality cannot be ascribed, as it often is, to such factors as lack of money, technology, standards or teacher training. The primary lack is something different — a shortage of bold, coherent, inspiring yet realistic visions of what education could be like 10 and 20 years from now.” S. Papert e G. Caperton, 1999-2000

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