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Biometry to enhance smart card security (MOC using TOC protocol)

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1 Biometry to enhance smart card security (MOC using TOC protocol)
Giampaolo Bella – Stefano Bistarelli – Fabio Martinelli Università degli Studi “G. d’Annunzio” Dipartimento di Scienze - Pescara

2 Overview Biometry and smart cards
TOC, MOC, SOC Procotols between application/hardware A MOC protocol A MOC via TOC protocol Towards a formal specification/analysis Discussion…

3 Biometry Acquisition of bio-features that almost uniquely identify entities From bio to digital world Fingerprint: image acquisition from a scanner template acquisition from the imagine The template stores the useful information obtained from the image match algorithms receive as inputs two templates and returns true iff the two templates are compatible Bio-information is usually public in the sense that it can be ``easily’’ acquired.

4 Smart cards Smart devices with computational and storage resources
Criptoki (PKCS#11) is the interface smart-cards/applications Access to smart card functions through a PIN We consider protocols that use also biometric authentication

5 Biometry and smart cards
Applying biometric authentication to log on the smart card: Template On Card (TOC): Only the template is stored on board Requires very cheap cards Match On Card (MOC): The template is on the smart card, the match is performed on board, the live template acquisition is external Requires smart-cards with ``strong’’ computational power System On Card (SOC): Each phase is internally performed Requires currently expensive technology

6 Template on Card (TOC) Template on Card Biometric Template
Biometric Input Smart Card Biometric Template Biometric Template User Grant

7 Match on Card (MOC) Match on Card Biometric Input CPU User Grant
Smart Card Biometric Template CPU User Grant

8 System on Card System on Card Biometric Input Grant User CPU
Smart Card CPU Biometric Template User Grant

9 A MOC protocol Goal: MOC + key establishment
Correctness doesn’t depend on biometry but on cryptography The live template is a fresh scanner acquisition The live template is kept secret for privacy reasons

10 A MOC using TOC protocol
CM is the criptoki match module CM signs a hash of the pair of templates only if they match

11 Verification challenges?
Biometry adds no problems ``Incremental’’ protocols – the two are equivalent from the application viewpoint Functional Security

12 Formal specification Process algebra for functional and security aspects Basic sending/receiving operations Basic operators as sequencing (.); parallel composiiton (|) We have 4 different players Two specifications for the smart cards SMOC and SMT The criptoki C and the match module M MOC protocol: SMOC | C MOC using TOC : SMT | M | C The criptoki and the match module may be distinct processes (they share no knowledge)

13 Towards formal security analysis
MOC is ``secure’’ Correspondence analysis: Control actions to express user’ beliefs Smart cards issues Start(S,C,Tstored) Criptoki issues End(C,S,Tlive) For every enemy X, SMOC | C | X when restricted to control actions is trace equivalent to Start(S,C,Tstored).End(C,S,Tlive) and Tstored and Tlive match MOC using TOC is ``as secure as’’ MOC SMT |C | M | X =control actions SMOC | C | X

14 Questions?

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