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European Integrated Activity of Excellence and Networking for Nano and Micro-Electronics Analysis Sixth Framework Program Research Infrastructures Analytical.

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Presentazione sul tema: "European Integrated Activity of Excellence and Networking for Nano and Micro-Electronics Analysis Sixth Framework Program Research Infrastructures Analytical."— Transcript della presentazione:

1 European Integrated Activity of Excellence and Networking for Nano and Micro-Electronics Analysis Sixth Framework Program Research Infrastructures Analytical Network for Nanotech R. Balboni IMM, May 8, 2009

2 2 ANNA – Analytical Network for NAnotech Overview Networking Transnational Access Joint Research

3 3 ANNA – Analytical Network for Nanotech FBK (ex ITC-IRST), Povo, Trento, Italy Research institute. Coordination of the I3. Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Systeme und Bauelementetechnologie IISB, Erlangen, Germany Research institute. Numonyx,, Agrate Brianza, Milan, ItalyIC manufacturer. MEMC, Novara, ItalySilicon wafer manufacturer. NCSR Demokritos, IMELResearch Institute devoted to Silicon technology. Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary Academic institute devoted to interdisciplinary research Surface Science Laboratory (SSL), University of Patras, Greece Academic institute Atominstitut der Österreichischen Universitäten, Vienna Technical University, Vienna, Austria Academic institute University of Salford, United Kingdom University - sub-nanometre MEIS depth profiling. PTB, Berlin, GermanyNational Metrology Institute: Laboratory at the electron storage ring BESSY II in Berlin CNR, Roma, ItalyInstitutes IMM (Bologna section) and IC (Roma section) Research institutes Intel Performance Learning Solutions, Analytical Laboratories, Intel Ireland Industrial research laboratory

4 4 ANNA – Overview Duration: 2007 to 2010 12 partners from 7 European member states Funded by the European Commission within Framework Programme 6 - Research Infrastructures – Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3) Budget: 7.5 M EUR; Funding: 5.65 M EUR (75%) Objectives –To integrate and enhance European analytical resources –To create centre of excellence for analysis of nanotechnologies and a multi – site laboratory –Long term vision: integrated distributed laboratory

5 5 ANNA – Overview: Analysis / Metrology / Characterisation X-Ray technologies: –TXRF, TXRF - NEXAFS, GIXRF, XRR, XRD e-beam technologies: –TEM, HRTEM, STEM Ion beam technologies: –SIMS, ToF-SIMS, MEIS Surface characterization: –XPS, AES, UPS, LEISS, EELS Chemical analysis: –AAS, GCMS, Sample Preparation Electrical characterisation: –C-V, C-T, I-t, C-G, SPV, ELYMAT, DLTS Optical metrology: –spectroscopic ellipsometry, defect inspection, FTIR Samples: –test structures, wafers, contamination and calibration standards

6 6 ANNA – Management and Networking Activities NA1: Management of the Consortium NA2: Establishment of analytical reference laboratories –status evaluation –golden labs (8 Partners with specialized expertise) –accreditation (e.g. ISO 17025 – laboratories) NA3: Formation of European joint analytical laboratory –integration –web interface ( –user manual (for joint laboratory and transnational access) NA4: Standardization of samples and methodologies –standardization –matching –references

7 7 ANNA – Transnational Access More than 1000 days of European Community funded Transnational Access to 18 infrastructure (laboratories, clean room, metrology) at 8 locations Access to ANNA instrumentation and analytical services is either in person ("hands-on") or remotely by suitable (electronic) communications Potential users of the infrastructure are researchers or groups of researchers from small & medium enterprises, large scale industry, research centres, or universities Interested users apply for research Access by submitting a short project proposal Selection of user proposals is by "peer review" on the basis of the scientific/technical merit (innovation, scientific and technological relevance). Priority will be given to first-time users and to users in countries without a similar infrastructure Access is available from 2008 to 2010 –Note: Transnational Access means that users groups from the same country where the operator of the infrastructure is established are not eligible for access.

8 8 ANNA – Transnational Access TA1: PTB @ BESSY II Synchrotron radiation beam lines for TXRF, GIXRF, XRR TA5: MFA - facility Ellipsometry Makyoh TA2: irst - SIMS & MICRO SIMS ToF-SIMS IV SEM JSM 7401F AFM, XPS TA6: IISB - laboratories Ultra trace analysis Organic contamination analysis Wafer surface preparation and contamination TA3: CNR - STEM facility TEM-STEM TA7: IMEL - laboratories Electrical and optical characterisation Fabrication of test structures TA4: Atominsititut ATI-x-ray lab TA8: MEIS – facility at Daresbury laboratory MEIS

9 9 ANNA – Joint Research Enhancement and development of methodologies Improvement of ANNA services JRA1Highly sensitive detection of inorganic contamination from Li to U JRA2Comprehension of organic contamination on wafer surfaces JRA3Accurate characterisation of ultra shallow junctions JRA4Nanofilms characterisation JRA5Investigation of local strain at sub-micron scale JRA6Characterisation of nano-crystals

10 10 Mid-Term (year 2) review NA –Positive comments about coordination and management 'highly effective'. Advisory board very reactive and involved –Project communication has been very well organized –Accreditation in delay, but understandable. TA –Open up to 25% to different fields than microelectronics –Preference to projects that ask to use a multitechnique approach JRA –Very impressive the cross checking: good and important work –True joint research activity, successful and flexible as demanded –In line with expectations and also publications ok. Very positive overall evaluation of the Consortium

11 11 IMM – Bologna in ANNA Budget –899,510 eligible, 508,555 financed (57 %) Impegno –71 m/m –TEM (CBED, HREM, HAADF STEM) and X-rays structural characterisation (lab and synchrotron) Research and Technological Development Management Coordination / Networking Transnational Access OtherTotal Eligible672,49122,493131,87154,65518,000899,510 Funded314,86022,490101,20552,00018,000508,555

12 12 IMM in ANNA Networking –NA2-Accreditation of the Electron Microscopy Lab Requested for –Strain measurement in silicon by CBED –Dopant concentration measurement by TS-STEM ISO 17025 accreditation is a project specific request in view of the establishment of the Golden Lab –Management Manual and Technical –definition of the Lab Responsibles –To be completed by end of 2009 –NA3-Formation of the Joint Lab User manual

13 13 IMM in ANNA Transnational Access –TEM analysis by STEM-HAADF, CBED e HREM) –Activity started in 2008 –2 accesses up to now 2 people, University of Cork and INTEL Ireland Strain analysis on Ge nanowires 1 people, University of German Federal Armed Forces, HREM of oxides on Si –Sono pervenute altre 4 richieste nei successivi calls (su un totale di 57 per ANNA), 2 sono già state selezionate per laccesso.

14 14 ANNA - JRA3: Tilted Sample Annular Dark Field Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (TSADF-STEM) Messa a punto di una tecnica ADF-STEM quantitativa per la determinazione dei profili di drogaggio in giunzioni ultra-sottili in Si. Modifica originale di una precedente tecnica dovuta a Pennycook et al. (1999). E stato necessario comprendere i meccanismi di contrasto operanti in ogni condizione sperimentale. Questo ha permesso di definire una procedura per filtrare/selezionare il segnale voluto. Nel caso dellAs in Si è stato possibile determinare la distribuzione del drogante alla superficie del campione dove falliscono tecniche spettroscopiche come il SIMS. La sensibilità della tecnica nel caso dellAs è ~ 1% mentre la precisione della procedura quantitativa è dellordine del 10%. The aim is to define methodologies able to give a more complete characterization of ultra shallow dopant distributions

15 15 Quantitative determination in 5 keV 2x10 15 As/cm 2 implanted Si A. Parisini, V. Morandi, S. Solmi, P. G. Merli, D. Giubertoni, M. Bersani and J. A. van den Berg, Appl. Phys. Lett., 92, 261907 (2008). as-implanted 800 °C for 3 min On-axis ADF-STEM TSADF-STEM

16 16 A. Armigliato, R. Balboni and A. Parisini ECS Transactions, 10, 57-64, 2007. A. Parisini, D. Giubertoni, M. Bersani, V. Morandi, P. G. Merli, and J. A. van den Berg MRS Symposia Proceedings No 1026E (Matreials Research Society, Pittsburgh, 2007), 1026-C09-04. A. Parisini, D. Giubertoni, M. Bersani, M. Ferri, V. Morandi and P. G. Merli Proceedings of the 8th Multinational Congress on Microscopy, Prague, 18-21 june 2007, p. 43. A. Parisini, V. Morandi and S. A. Mezzotero Proceedings of the 14th European Microscopy Congress, Eds. M. Luysberg, et al., 1-5 September2008, Aachen, Germany, vol.1, p. 145. A. Parisini, V. Morandi, S. Solmi, P. G. Merli, D. Giubertoni, M. Bersani and J. A. van den Berg Appl. Phys. Lett., 92, 261907 (2008). A. Parisini, V. Morandi, J. A. van den Berg, M. A. Reading, D. Giubertoni, P. Bailey, T. Noakes submitted to ALTECH 2009, 216th ECS Meeting, Vienna, October 4-9, 2009. A. Parisini, V. Morandi and S. A. Mezzotero Microscopy and Analysis, in press (2009). ANNA - JRA3: communications and publications

17 17 ANNA - JRA4. Fig. 6. Example of thickness measurement in a (011) cross-sectional HREM micrograph obtained on an HfSiO x /SiO 2 /Si high-k structure (sample D07). HfSiO x SiO x 1.4 ± 0.5 nm 2.1 ± 0.5 nm 1.1 ± 0.5 nm Glue Misura dello spessore: confronto tra i risultati ottenuti con HREM, MEIS, XPS, SE: a) emerge immediatamente il problema della scala su cui sono fatte le misure e della conseguente necessità di una misura delluniformità degli spessori; b) levidente rugosità dei films induce inoltre a considerare più attentamente la misura dello spessore. The development of methods for the chemical, structural, optical and electrical characterization of 1-10 nm thick (oxy)nitrides and high-k materials films.

18 18 ANNA - JRA4. Un primo approccio alla misura HREM dello spessore su film rugosi: Osservazione: differenti trattamenti portano a differenti valori di L s. Definizione di misura locale: profilo dintensità mediato su regioni destensione pari a L s Diverse misure locali sono effettuate su diverse immagini e i risultati sono espressi come: Gli spessori dei vari film sono definiti tramite i punti di flesso del profilo mediato

19 19 Communications and publications M. Fried, P. Petrik, J.A. van den Berg, M.A. Reading and A. Parisini submitted to ALTECH 2009, 216th ECS Meeting, Vienna, October 4-9, 2009. J.A. van den Berg, M A Reading, A Parisini, M. Kolbe, B. Beckhoff, S. Ladas, P. Petrik, P.Bailey, T. Noakes, T. Conard and S. De Gendt submitted to ALTECH 2009, 216th ECS Meeting, Vienna, October 4-9, 2009. M. Reading, J. A. van den Berg, P. Bailey, T. Noakes, P. Zalm, A. Parisini, T. Conard and S. De Gendt submitted to J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B (2009) Il confronto delle misure ottenute con le diverse tecniche è attualmente in corso. Nel prossimo futuro: confronto tra spessore strutturale (HREM) e composizionale (HR ADF-STEM o TSADF-STEM) sulla stessa area. ANNA - JRA4

20 20 JRA5 This activity aims at setting up a method to measure the mechanical stress in present and future generation devices by TEM-CBED. The results of this technique will be validated by comparison with electrical measurements of stress-sensitive devices and with the results of numerical calculations. X Y Z The procedure for TEM-CBED sample preparation by FIB was found NOT to be a trivial issue.

21 21 JRA5 - IMM A reliable sample preparation procedure was defined, using a low energy final finishing (5 KeV) during FIB milling. CBED measurements were validated by comparison with strain data obtained from process simulations and by measurements of samples with a known strain trend. The impact of mechanical strain on the electrical properties of devices was shown both in terms of mobility modifications and in terms of defect generation The possibility to measure the mechanical strain induced by layers doped with different impurities was demonstrated Pubblicazioni –A. Armigliato, R. Balboni and A. Parisini, ECS Transactions, 10, 57-64, 2007. –R.Balboni, G. Borionetti, L. Moiraghi, G.Vaccari, M.L. Polignano, G. P. Carnevale, F. Cazzaniga, I. Mica, F. Sammiceli, submitted to ALTECH 2009, 216th ECS Meeting, Vienna, October 4-9, 2009.

22 22 JRA6

23 23 OP-GID patterns The nano-crystals dimensions estimated from XRD measurements (~4 nm) are in substantial agreement with the the sizes determined by PL measurements. Deposition of Silicon Rich Oxide (SRO) by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) process on silicon blank wafers, followed by thermal annealing. nc-Si from SUPERLATTICES (SiO 2 /SRO): nc-Si embedded in amorphous matrice -The surface and interfaces evolution have been followed by XRR; -The occurrence of nano-crystals have been determined at 1000°C. A series of samples (PECVD) annealed at different temperatures (from 600°C to 1150 °C). JRA6 – X-ray analysis results Pubblicazioni –P. Petrika, S. Militab, G. Puckerc, A. G. Nassiopouloud, J. A. van den Berge, M. A. Readinge, M. Frieda, and T. Lohnera, M. Theodoropouloud, S. Gardelisd, M. Barozzic, M. Ghulinyanc, A. Luic, L. Vanzettic, A. Picciottoc, submitted to ALTECH 2009, 216th ECS Meeting, Vienna, October 4-9, 2009.

24 24 ANNA - Conclusioni e prospettive Commenti –È una delle principali fonti di finanziamento del reparto Strutturistica –Nella sua pur complessa struttura, offre sufficiente spazio allattività di ricerca –ANNA e lattività di Transnational Access offre opportunità di contatti con altri gruppi in Europa –Accreditamento Difficile adattare la nostra realtà ed i criteri previsti da ISO17025 CE verso laccreditamento Italia ed Europa Prospettive ? –In FP7 gli i3 hanno mantenuto i finanziamenti precedenti –Proposta di un progetto per i Golden Labs ?

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