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Happy Hours Allinterno clicca su tutte le zucche per tornare ai menu principali.

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2 Happy Hours Allinterno clicca su tutte le zucche per tornare ai menu principali

3 map Happy Hours in the classroom ordinary actions ordinary language grammar UK me my personal data my physical description my time my family my toys my abilities my clothes my likes/dislikes/favourites my places greetings thank you prepositions spelling numbers London countries birthday body and face daily routine whats the time? weather people description objects description accessories colours animals people food my house my school my town in a shop in a town transport school objects school places subjects days of the week months of the year seasons of the year celebrations town places Christmas Easter Halloween ICT

4 happy hours

5 me

6 my personal data - hello! - nice to meet younice to meet you - my name is… Whats your name? - my surname is… Whats your surname? - my nickname is… Whats your nickname? - my telephone number is... Whats your telephone number? - my address is... Whats your address? - Im … years oldHow old are you? - my birthday is on 1 st NovemberWhens your birthday? - I am ItalianAre you Italian? - Im/I come from ItalyWhere are you from/do you come from? - I live in....Where do you live? - I speak EnglishWhat language do you speak? - Im fine, Im well, Im not well, Im not very well, Im not too bad How are you?

7 birthday birthday party friends balloons presents Cake and candles card diary calendar invitation - Can you come to my party? - Yes, of course/No, Im sorry - When? Where? What time?

8 countries Italy, Italian Germany, German France, French Spain, Spanish Britain, British England, English Scotland, Scottish Wales, Welsh Ireland, Irish USA, American Canada, Canadian Holland, Dutch China, Chinese Greece, Greek

9 my physical description small/big HEIGHT Tall Short Medium/average height WEIGHT Thin – fat Slim – plump Medium/average weight AGE Young Old/elderly Middle-aged APPEARANCE Pretty/beautiful Handsome/good-looking ugly HAIR Long, short, medium length Straight, wavy, curly, bald Blond, brown, red, black EYES Blue, green, brown, grey, dark FACE Oval, round, square, long OTHER Wear glasses, wear sunglasse, have a beard, have a moustache

10 body & face face head arm hand leg foot and toes hair ear mouth – lips teeth - tongue eye nose neck shoulder elbow fingers back backside/bottom chest knee eyebrow forehead chin jaw cheek eyelash moustache beard freckles

11 my time 60 Seconds – 1 minute 60 minutes – 1 hour 24 hours – 1 day 7 days – 1 week 12 months – 1 year 100 years – 1 century DATE Monday, October 23rd 2007 | autumn, foggy Today, this morning, this afternoon, tonight, yesterday, the day before yesterday, last night, last Monday, tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, the day after tomorrow Early/late, now, again What day is it today? Is today Monday?

12 - Whats the time? - Its... oclock - Its... past/to... - Its a quarter past/to.... - Its half past... whats the time?

13 my daily routine [1] Wake up and get up have breakfast go to school go to work work have lessons go home cook have lunchdo ones homeworkhave a bath have a shower have dinnergo to bed fall asleep sleep snore

14 eat drink watch TV visit/meet friends read a book/comic comb ones hair brush ones teeth/face walk the dog do gardening do sport listen to music relax at home wash the car go shopping my daily routine [2] - What do you do on Monday? - I get up at - He/she gets up at... - What time do you have breakfast? - I have breakfast at... - What do you have for breakfast? - I have... for breakfast - How do you go to school? - I go to school by bus/car/scooter/on foot collect stamps/cards/ comics/butterflies

15 whats the weather like? Its sunny Its cloudy Its rainy Its freezing/frosty Its snowy Its cold Its cool Its warm Its hot Its windy Its foggy Its raining cats and dogs Its pouring Its drizzling It showers

16 days of the week

17 months of the year

18 seasons of the year leaf, tree, mushroom, umbrellasnow, snowman, snowflakes, snowballs nest, flowers sun, sunglasses, sunflower, ice-cream, fish, sea, boat, sail, beach, beach-umbrella, beach-hat, mountain, river, lake, wind, cloud, bike, garden

19 New Years Day Mothers DayFathers DayMay Day birthday summer holidays celebrations

20 Halloween Witch Witchs hat Black cat Pumpkins Vampire Jack o Lantern Goblin Skeleton Ghost Monster Trick or treat Moon Bat Night Spooky Sweets Apple bobbing Broomstick Cauldron Owl Hoot Mask Web Spider visualizza la presentazione

21 Merry Christmas Christmas day Christmas eve Father Christmas Stocking Angel Decoration Christmas tree present starChristmas pudding paper hat cracker turkey ribbons candles toys holly mistletoe wreath crib sleigh candy cane reindeer card lights bell robin tinsels

22 Happy Easter Easter bunny Easter tree Easter basket Easter eggs chick hot cross buns daffodil lamb decorative eggs

23 my family uncle aunt cousins mum – mother dad – father brother - son Sister - daughter baby grandad grandfather grandpa gran grandmother grandma parents children

24 people description - Who is it/this? This is my mum / its my mum / its me - What do you / does he-she look like?Im/hes/shes Ive got/hes got/shes got - What are you / is he-she wearing? Im wearing … Hes/shes wearing - Put on your … | Take off your …

25 my toys doll train teddy bear robot guitar football car plane yo-yo ball bike comic scooter trumpet

26 objects description - Whats this/that? Its a/an… - What are these/those? They are.... - What colour is it?Its... - How many …?1/2/3..... - Wheres …? In / On … - Whose is the pen?/Whose are the pens?-I think its mine/I think theyre yours - There is/are … There isnt/arent

27 my abilities Playing the guitar, the piano, the violin, the tambourine, the triangle, the drums, the recorder, the trumpet playing volleyball playing football playing basketball riding a bike skiing skating dancing running skipping swimming singing playing tennis jumping riding a horse canoeing - I/he/she can/cant… - Can you…? - Yes, I can | No, I cant

28 clothes dress suitshirt t-shirt jumper jacket trousersskirt shoes socks blouse shorts jeans boots trainers stockings swimsuit coat raincoat and umbrella sandals tracksuit

29 accessories hat bag gloves glasses watch scarf mobile phone tiebelt rings and earrings jewels bracelet necklace

30 my likes, dislikes, favourites -- Whats your favourite food? My favourite food is … - Do you like …? Yes, I do / No, I dont - I like … / I dont like … / I love … / I hate...

31 colours black white redyellow blue green orange pink purple brown grey goldsilver light green dark green sky blue

32 animals [1] dog cat rabbitfish bird budgie hamster goldfish mouse kitten puppy

33 giraffe elephant lion bear tiger monkey frog zebra crocodile pig snake horse parrot animals [2] kangaroo

34 bull owl butterfly bat fly hen bee shark Turtle tortoise spider sheep flamingo duck animals [3]

35 ant snail dolphin wolf fox whale swan hippo rhino cow penguin goat goose chick turkey worm caterpillar beetle ladybird Wings Tail Beak Horns Trunk Stripes Spots animals [4] ox Run fast Swim Fly Walk Jump Climb

36 people Giant prince princess dragon monster wizard witch man woman genie boy and girl Policeman and policewoman gnome child Mr – Mrs - Miss

37 food [1] apple banana lemonorangestrawberry pear peach cherry berry pine apple grapes water melon melon

38 food [2] water cola coffee milk lemonade orange juice tea wine

39 food [3] bread pasta spaghetti rice hamburger hot dog meat bacon sausages chicken wurstel sandwich ham chips fish cheese egg pizza potato tomato carrot salad vegetables salt rolls cucumber mushroom peanuts porridge soup toast peas beans

40 food [4] butter sugar chocolate cake ice-cream cookies sweets crisps jamcereal croissant breakfastlunchdinner

41 my places

42 kitchen (cupboard, table, chairs, fridge, cooker, oven, sink, dishwasher, glasses, knife, fork, spoon, bowl, cups, shelf, jug, drawer, plates) my house Flat – city | house - town | cottage – village | upstairs | downstairs | Stairs – balcony – floor (on the 4 th floor) – hall – roof – garage – wall – chimney - lift living room (sofa, bookcase, armchair, lamp, clock, picture, piano, plant, fireplace, coffee- table, carpet, rug, vase of flowers) bedroom (picture, clock, drawers, curtains, shelves, desk, chair, PC, bed, pillow, cover, radio, wardrobe, lamp, TV, CD player, blankets, bookshelf) bathroom (washing machine, bath, shower, mirror, washbasin, towel) Dining room – hiding place - garden

43 my school - Whens Maths? Maths is on... - When do you have Maths? We have Maths on... at... - My favourite lesson is... - My favourite lessons are... - How do you go to school? I go to school by... / I walk

44 school objects pen chair lamp door desk window chalk rubber eraser book pencil table felt-tip pen blackboard pencil-sharpener ruler pencil case lightsclock exercise-book school bag cards paper teacher cupboard basket scissors glue calendar notebook calculator

45 subjects Art Science Sport Maths Music English Italian Geography History Drama Religion

46 ICT [1] Hardware/softwareinput/output devices printer case tower monitor /screen mouse – mouse pad right/left button click/double click keyboard keysscanner speakers joystick plugearphones

47 Keyboard – caps lock – shift – space bar – enter – backspace – delete CPU (Central Processing Unit) HD (Hard Disk) RAM (Random Access Memory) ROM (Read Only Memory) floppy CD (Compact Disk) DVD (Digital Video Disc / Digital Versatile Disc)pendrive Desktop – icons – trash – computer resources – documents – internet explorer ICT [2]

48 school places school classroom playground toilet corridor staffroom library dining hall gym

49 my town

50 town places [1] School zoo park bank swimming pool shop cafè cinema supermarket post office clothes shop hotel restaurant market hospitalanimal hospital music storepets shop shoe shop

51 train station traffic lights zebra crossing, pedestrian crossing phone box post box museum statue square fountain garage fire station Police station stadiumchurch Bus stop town places [2]

52 on foot transport van double-decker bus bike car scooter Plane, cab/black taxi, bus train boatFerry-boat motorbike ship canoe

53 - Good morning! Can I have some chicken, please? - Yes, here you are/No, sorry - Thank you! How much is that? - £ 1.10p please - Here you are - Thank you, goodbye - Goodbye in a shop

54 - Excuse me, wheres the bank? - Go straight on! Turn left! Turn right! Its on the left. Its on the right. - At the traffic lights/zebra crossing turn left/right -Thank you! - whats in your town? - theres a... in my town - I live in... in a town

55 in the classroom - Sit down! Stand up! Shut up! - Open/Close your books/the door/the window - Take your book - Put down your… / Pick up your… / Tidy up - Put the red pen next to the yellow pencil - Come to the blackboard! - Go to the window! - Touch the window! - Go out! / Come in! - Turn on/off the lights! - Show me the door - Give me your book - Point to the window -Look at the door - Turn back - Can you spell it? How do you spell that? - I cant understand - I dont know - Listen / speak / read / write - Repeat / chant / sing a song / circle / underline / ask and answer/ complete / draw / colour / label / learn / teach / study / cut / copy / paste / count to ten / turn pages -May I go to the toilet, please? -May I drink, please? -May I stand up, please? -May I go out, please? -May I speak, please? -May I clean the blackboard?

56 ordinary actions - eat, drink - go, come, go out, come in - shop - wear - meet - choose - dream - cry - fly - fall - phone - wash - wait - see / look at - like / love / hate - Open/close - Start/stop - Ask/answer - Work/play - Learn/teach - Turn on/turn off - Turn right/left - Put on/take off - Sit down/stand up - Wake up/fall asleep - Show/hide - lets go/jump/play - clap your hands - touch your head - stamp your feet - shake your legs

57 ordinary language - well - thank you - Im sorry - Good idea - Im cold - Im angry - Look out! - After you - Excuse me - Cheers - hurry up - mind your business - Me too - Whats up? - Whats wrong? - I dont mind

58 hi – hello – good morning – good afternoon – good evening – good night – goodbye – bye bye – see you - see you tomorrow – cheerio greetings

59 You are welcome, welcome it was my pleasure, its a pleasure, my pleasure thats ok, its ok, its all right not at all, not a problem, no problem, no bother dont mind, never mind dont mention it thank you

60 ADJECTIVES AND USE A white flower DEFINITE ARTICLE The INDEFINITE ARTICLES A, an DEMONSTRATIVES This, these, that, those PERSONAL PRONOUNS (I, you, he/she/it, we, you, they) POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES (my, your, his/her/its, our, your, their) POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS (mine, yours, his/hers/its, our, yours, theirs) ADVERBS Never – rarely/seldom – sometimes – often – usually - always CONJUNCTIONS and, but, or a bit of grammar [1] POSTCARD WRITING (Dear – come soon – love – signature) LETTER WRITING (Dear – write soon – love – signature) EMAIL WRITING (Dear – write soon – love – signature) POSTCARD WRITING (Dear – come soon – love – signature) LETTER WRITING (Dear – write soon – love – signature) EMAIL WRITING (Dear – write soon – love – signature)

61 PLURALS regular: s irregular: man/woman, tooth/teeth, foot/feet, child/children, mouse/mice, louse/lice, ox/oxen x – ch – sh – ss: es y preceduto da consonante: ies o preceduto da consonante: es f/fe: ves QUESTION WORDS What, who, when, where, why (+ because), how, whose OPERAZIONI MATEMATICHE ( one and one is two, plus, minus, equals ) QUITE/VERY/A LOT OF/LOTS OF/SOME/ANY/TOO PUNCTUATION comma (,) full stop (.) colon (:) semicolon (;) exclamation mark (!) question mark (?) dash (-) underscore (_) apostrophe () dot dot dot (...) quotation marks () brackets (round, square, curly) new line a bit of grammar [2]

62 spelling

63 1one - 2two - 3three - 4four - 5five - 6six - 7seven - 8eight - 9nine - 10ten 11eleven - 12twelve - 13thirteen - 14fourteen - 15fifteen - 16sixteen - 17seventeen - 18eighteen - 19nineteen - 20twenty 21twenty-one - 22twenty-two - 23twenty-three - 24twenty-four - 25twenty-five - 26twenty-six - 27twenty-seven - 28twenty-eight - 29twenty- nine 30thirty - 40forty - 50fifty - 60sixty - 70seventy - 80eighty - 90ninety 100a/one hundred 1,000a/one thousand 1,000,000a/one million 1 st first - 2 nd second - 3 rd third - 4 th fourth - 5 th fifth - 6 th sixth - 7 th seventh - 8 th eighth - 9 th ninth - 10 th tenth 11 th eleventh - 12 th twelfth - 13 th thirteenth - 14 th fourteenth - 15 th fifteenth - 16 th sixteenth - 17 th seventeenth - 18 th eighteenth - 19 th nineteenth - 20 th twentieth - 21 st twenty-first - 22 nd twenty-second - 23 rd twenty-third - 24 th twenty-fourth - 25 th twenty- fifth - 26 th twenty-sixth - 27 th twenty-seventh - 28 th twenty-eighth - 29 th twenty-ninth - 30 th thirtieth - 40 th fortieth - 50 th fiftieth - 60 th sixtieth - 70 th seventieth - 80 th eightieth - 90 th ninetieth - 100 th one hundredth numbers

64 Time in – months/yearsin January | in Easter on – days/dateon Monday | on the first of November at – timeat 10.00 am Time in – months/yearsin January | in Easter on – days/dateon Monday | on the first of November at – timeat 10.00 am In/inside on outside under behindin front of opposite between among above/over near next to/besidethrough He is at school He goes to school He comes from school prepositions Mum is with dad This is the Tower of London I go to school by car This present is for you

65 Il Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna è composto da quattro stati: Scotland (Scozia) la cui capitale è Edinburgh (Edinburgo) England (Inghilterra) la cui capitale è London (Londra)Londra Wales (Galles) la cui capitale è Cardiff Northern Ireland (Irlanda del Nord) la cui capitale è Belfast La capitale del Regno Unito è Londra, mentre la bandiera è la Union Jack, nata dallunione delle bandiere locali. La Scozia è famosa per: Il lago di Lochness, nel quale la leggenda narra che vi sia un mostro chiamato Nessie La cornamusa, lo strumento musicale nazionale, per suonare la quale gli scozzesi indossano il kilt. Questo gonnellino è formato da un tessuto chiamato tartan e presenta sul davanti una tasca nella quale gli scozzesi custodiscono una bottiglietta di whisky per riscaldarsi nei freddi inverni I castelli, i più belli dei quali si trovano ad Edinburgo UK [1]

66 LInghilterra è famosa per: Buckingham Palace, residenza della Regina Elisabetta, dove ogni giorno alle 11.30 si assiste al Cambio della Guardia (le guardie della regina indossano una divisa rossa e nera) Il Big Ben, un enorme orologio a LondraLondra Il Parlamento, accanto al Big Ben La Torre di Londra, che custodisce i gioielli della regina Stonehenge, un monumento preistorico del 3000 a. C., luogo sacro ed osservatorio di fenomeni astronomici (qualcuno pensa che quegli enormi massi ve li abbiano messi gli alieni) Il Galles è famoso per lo stadio di Cardiff La moneta inglese è la sterlina (POUND), formata da 100 centesimi (PENCE). Il centesimo è il PENNY UK [2]

67 La Torre di Londra fu costruita da William il conquistatore accanto al fiume Thames ed era una fortezza ed una residenza reale. Nel tempo divenne una prigione di stato, un luogo di tortura e di esecuzione. Nella torre fu decapitata Anna Bolena, moglie di Enrico VIII. Oggi i visitatori vi possono ammirare i gioielli della corona e collezioni di armature e strumenti di tortura. Londra è una città verde con molti parchi. Uno dei più importanti è il St James Park, che si trova vicino a Buckingham Palace ed ha un laghetto con molti uccelli e scoiattoli. I ragazzi vi trascorrono i pomeriggi facendo picnic, mentre molti impiegati vi trascorrono la pausa pranzo mangiando sandwich e prendendo il sole. La London Eye è una ruota panoramica gigantesca che si trova sul fiume Thames, di fronte al Big Ben. Fu costruita nel 2000 in occasione del millennio ed è la più grande del mondo (135 metri di altezza). La ruota impiega 30 minuti per compiere un giro completo. Nel museo delle statue di cera di Madame Tussaud è possibile ammirare statue di cera di persone famose: attori, cantanti, personaggi politici e personaggi del mondo dello sport. Il museo fu costruito nel 1835. London

68 VA Cristina Cristiano Francesco Vincenzo Tonya Annarita Giuseppe Umberto Giovanna Roberta Alfonso Simona Davide Giuseppe Alfonso

69 VB Rosalba Giovanni Luigi Giuseppe Gianluca Annalisa Anna Gennaro Emanuele Francesca Rosita Anna Antonella Manuel Vincenzo Maria Stella Gaetano Antony Carla

70 VC Francesca Evita Francesco Fiore Salvatore Emanuele Francesca Salvatore Melania Annalisa Giusy Vincenzo Valer Sebastian Piero Gabriel Michela

71 Goodbye… Carissimi! Lavorare con voi è stata unesperienza entusiasmante. E meravigliosa la carica che si sprigiona quando ci sono voglia, volontà, desiderio di imparare. Ed io lo sento, lho avvertito e ne sono felice. Ho cercato di inserire in questo Cd tutto quello che abbiamo fatto insieme in Inglese: le frasi, le parole e quel po di grammatica con la quale spero di non avervi annoiato troppo. Manca, però, il cuore del nostro viaggio insieme: mancano le emozioni, gli sforzi, gli ascolti, le mie prediche, le vostre insoddisfazioni, le lacrime, le sfide. Manchiamo, cioè, noi, quello che siamo stati e che siamo ora, quello che abbiamo costruito insieme nel nostro lavoro quotidiano, nel nostro viaggio insieme. Spero, però, che tutto questo continui a vivere nei ricordi, nella mente come nel cuore. Io vi porto dentro con affetto e tenerezza. Siete stati i miei alunni e stare con voi mi ha arricchita. Per qualcuno di voi sono stata veramente dura da sopportare, ma credetemi quando continuo a ripetere che ho fatto tutto questo affinché capiste che quello che facciamo nella vita ha unimportanza, tutto serve, anche quello che sembra apparentemente inutile. Spero di avervi insegnato limportanza del dare il meglio di sé in qualsiasi cosa si faccia, lo spirito di sacrificio, il senso del dovere. Ma spero al di sopra di tutto di avervi trasmesso la passione, linteresse e la curiosità nei confronti di una lingua che vi darà di sicuro una marcia in più nel vostro futuro professionale e non. Starei qui a scrivervi per ore. Ma mi fermo. E difficile chiudere questo CD, perché significa stoppare la nostra avventura. Come vi ho già scritto vi porto dentro e lo faccio con una tenerezza ed una gioia infinite. Vi voglio bene. Teacher

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