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The Italian school system State school Private school.

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1 The Italian school system State school Private school

2 Same levels Infant school 3-6 years old Elementary school years old – Middle school exam Secondary school – exam - diploma university

3 Nursery school Aims identitity, autonomy, competences development Exploring and experiencing through creativeness, intuition, imagination

4 Elementary school subjects Italian, maths, history, geography, science, music, physical education, drawing Aims: developing and deepening knowledge, capabilities and competences in human and scientific areas

5 Middle school 3 years – final exam - compulsory Studies Human course – latin Scientific course –ITC Modern languages english-french- spanish-german Music – playing an instrument

6 High school 5 years – final state exam – diploma Commom subjects: italian, modern languages, maths, science, p.e., religion (optional) Classical studies – Greek and Latin Scientific studies – Applied Sciences, Technology, ICT Modern Language Studies – 3 foreign languages – 2 subjects in a foreign language Fine Art Studies – Architecture, Design, Audio-visuals and Multimedia Liberal Art Studies – Human Science and Socio-economics Music and Choir Studies – history and studies of national and international music and dance

7 Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Piero della Francesca 3 areas Art school – fashion and theatre costume - textile and printing - jewellery - visual arts – media - grahics - architecture Technical courses – biology, social studies Applied science studies

8 Art school subjects 5 years – exam final state exam - diploma Common subjects: italian, maths, science, english, p.e., religion (optional) Professional area: fashion, goldsmith, printing, design, plastic, painting techniques, media, art history

9 Technical school: biology 5 years – final state exam - diploma Common subjects Professional area: biology, chemistry, physics, law, economics

10 Technical school: social studies 5 years – final state exam - diploma - Common subjects -Professional area: law, psychology, pedagogy, business management, domestic science

11 Applied science studies 5 years – final state exam - diploma Common subjects Professional area: maths, science, biology, chemistry, physics

12 IIS Piero della Francesca high school data sito sede Sezione ARTE DELLA MODA E DEL COSTUME TEATRALE Sezione ARTE E DECORAZIONE DEL TESSUTO E STAMPA SERIGRAFICA Via 25 Aprile Arezzo Tel: FAX succursale ITSAS Sezione ATTIVITA' SOCIALI Sezione sperimentale BIOLOGICO Via Porta Buia Arezzo Tel: centralino FAX succursale ISA Sezione ARTE DEI METALLI E DELL'OREFICERIA Sezione sperimentale RILIEVO E CATALOGAZIONE DEI BENI CULTURALI Via Porta Buia Arezzo Tel: centralino - Tel: segreteria FAX Codice Fiscale

13 The school organization The headteacher Prof. Luciano Tagliaferri FAX Dirigente The vice headteacher Prof. Maurizio Papini Web manager Prof. Carlo De Matteis System manager Prof. Ferrantini Pier Giorgio quality manager Prof. Agostino Fabbri Administration office Tel: FAX Administration Franca Corradini European project managers prof. Enrica Facchielli Prof. Alessandra Gavagni e -mail

14 The areas - 2 vice headteachers - 2 assistants - 13 collaborators for: European projects Study visits Students orienteering Students welcoming Public relations Students with special needs area EU and non EU students integration Shows and exhibitions Students and teachers communication Teachers and students training

15 European projects Comenius Multilateral (Turkey and Romania) Comenius bilateral (Romania) Comenius multilateral (Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland) We Care Comenius multilateral (Turkey, Austria, Spain, Great Britain) Regional project financed by the EU for studentsinternational mobility , European Parliament Strasbourg 2008 Study visit (14 European headteachers and experts) Cultural exchanges Vigo , , Vitoria (Spain) , Ronda (Spain) Guerande (France) Limoges (France)

16 ICT at school 6 computer labs 10 wireless connection laptops (disabled people) 2 linguistic labs 10 whiteboards 1 videoconference room The electronic registrer The network system

17 systems Lynux, Microsoft Office


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