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English Ballads: ancient & modern

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1 English Ballads: ancient & modern
Geordie Turning tables Just the way you are Oh hey

2 Geordie - Anonymous As I walk’d o’er London Bridge One misty morning early I overheard a fair pretty maid, Was lamenting for her Geordie. "O, my Geordie will be hang’d in a golden chain, ’tis not the chain of many, He was born from King’s royal breed And lost to a virtuous lady." Mentre attraversavo il Ponte di Londra Una nebbiosa mattina, presto Sentii per caso una bella fanciulla Che si lamentava per il suo Geordie. "Impiccheranno Geordie con una corda d’oro Non è una catena per molti; È nato da stirpe reale E fu affidato a una dama virtuosa.

3 Geordie – De André   Mentre attraversavo London Bridge  un giorno senza sole  vidi una donna pianger d'amore,  piangeva per il suo Geordie.  Impiccheranno Geordie con una corda d'oro,  è un privilegio raro.  Rubò sei cervi nel parco del re  vendendoli per denaro.  De André developed this song taken from the English tradition. He changed the lyrics and he translated it from English to Italian . The meaning: the traditional ballad talks about a young girl who is lamenting the fate of her lover; the young girl rides on her pony to London’s Court of Justice, but when she arrives it’s too late: Geordie has already been sentenced, but the girl proclaims her eternal devotion to her lover. Sound devices used: Assonance Alternate rhyme

4 Turning tables - Adele Translation:
Close enough to start a war  All that I have is on the floor  God only knows what we're fighting for  All that I say, you always say more  I can't keep up with your turning tables  Under your thumb, I can't breathe  So I won't let you close enough to hurt me  No, I won't ask you, you to just desert me  I can't give you, what you think you gave me  It's time to say goodbye to turning tables  To turning tables  Sound device used: Rhyme Translation: Abbastanza vicina ad iniziare una guerra  Tutto quello che ho è qui sul pavimento  Dio solo sa per cosa stiamo combattendo  Per ogni cosa che dico, tu dici sempre qualcosa in più …. The meaning: the song talks about a relationship that is not the greatest for the singer. The two protagonists love each other but they don’t share the same views. They fight a lot about stupid stuff.

5 Just the way you are – Bruno Mars
When I see your face  There's not a thing that I would change  Cause you’re amazing  Just the way you are  And when you smile  The whole world stops and stares for a while  'Cause girl you're amazing  Just the way you are  Sound device used: Repetition/Refrain Rhyme for assonance Rhyme The meaning: it talks about Bruno Mars’ girlfriend: he tells her that she's beautiful and he wouldn't change a thing about her, because anyone’s amazing just the way he/she is.

6 Oh hey - Lumineers I've been trying to do it right  I've been living a lonely life  I've been sleeping here instead  I've been sleeping in my bed,  I've been sleeping in my bed. So show me family  All the blood that I would bleed  I don't know where I belong  I don't know where I went wrong  But I can write a song . Rhymes used Repetition Ho cercato di farlo nel modo giusto  Ho vissuto una vita in solitaria  Ho dormito proprio qui  Ho dormito nel mio letto,  Ho dormito nel mio letto. Allora mostrami la famiglia Tutto il sangue che avrei versato  Non so a cosa appartengo  Non so dove ho sbagliato  Ma so scrivere una canzone The song talks about the girlfriend of the singer who has left him. In the song he tells us that the new partner of his ex-girlfrend isn’t suitable for her and he also tells us what he would like to do with her if they were still together .

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