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The Scientific Revolution 1

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1 The Scientific Revolution 1

2 Aristotle

3 Ptolemy Ptolemy

4 Ptolemaic Geocentric System
Ptolemaic Geocentric System. The Cosmos is closed by the sphere of the “fixed stars”.

5 CELESTIAL SPHERES Celestial spheres, Aether, perfect circular movements. Epicycles, Deferrents, Equant. The Earth: four elements, linear movements caused by quality or applied force.

6 The medieval Cosmos, created by God for Man.

7 Dante adopted the Aristotelian philosophy to describe his journey.

8 Renaissance.

9 The Reformation

10 Was Leonardo a scientist?


12 Copernicus



15 Thyco Brahe.

16 Kepler

17 Kepler's first law

18 Kepler's second law

19 Kepler's third law

20 Giordano Bruno

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