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04/04/06E.Focardi1 Stato tracciatore Stato produzione moduli MTCC Stato integrazione shells e dischi Piano integrazione e installazione TIB/TID Piano complessivo.

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Presentazione sul tema: "04/04/06E.Focardi1 Stato tracciatore Stato produzione moduli MTCC Stato integrazione shells e dischi Piano integrazione e installazione TIB/TID Piano complessivo."— Transcript della presentazione:

1 04/04/06E.Focardi1 Stato tracciatore Stato produzione moduli MTCC Stato integrazione shells e dischi Piano integrazione e installazione TIB/TID Piano complessivo integrazione + installazione

2 04/04/06E.Focardi2 Si sensors & Front-End Hybrids Delivery of Hybrid production completed last December (17700). In Dec. we have placed an additional TEC hybrid order (500 pcs) This additional delivery has been received mid-Feb, some rework needed on ~150 hybrids. 7.300 (114%) TEC assembled Hybrids delivered to the gantries and US bonding centers. Assembly of main TEC hybrid order was completed end of January. ~ 300 TEC Pitch Adapters (additional order by RMT and Planar) have been delivered mid- Feb. PA Qualification was done and OK. Hybrid/PA assembly of additional order is ongoing. ~ 100 already sent out. The rest (250) should go out in ~ 1 week. HPK delivery is completed in Nov.05. In Dec. an additional order has been placed :285 TEC, 100 sensors TOB To be delivered by mid April.

3 04/04/06E.Focardi3 TIB/ID summary

4 04/04/06E.Focardi4 Expected End Dates TOB modules prod. Will finish TOB modules when final OB1 sensors arrive Expect to build 240 R7modules –Est. end date: ~April 14 th Will use part of April recovering some modules 206 TEC & 507 TOB modules left to finish –713 Total expected end date ~April 22 nd –To get some contingency, will increase production rate to finish at ~April 14 th FNAL UCSB

5 04/04/06E.Focardi5 Impegno dell’INFN nel supporto alla produzione dei moduli TEC del tracciatore di CMS Assemblaggio robotizzato di 426 moduli dei tipi Ring3 e Ring4 nella Sezione di Bari (Gantry) dopo test di accettazione componenti (ibrido,sensore e frame in fibra di carbonio), con un rate max di 40 moduli alla settimana Microsaldatura dei moduli nelle Sezioni di Bari, Catania, Padova e Pisa Test di funzionalita’ nei centri di microsaldatura dei moduli prodotti Spedizione moduli ai centri di integrazione TEC dove richiesto dalla comunita’ TEC Inizio produzione: seconda meta’ Gennaio 06 Il 76,5 % dei moduli sono gia’ assemblati Il 42% sono microsaldati con uno Yield del 98% Termine assemblaggio: fine Aprile 06 Fine produzione: prima meta’ di Maggio 06 Moduli del tipo Ring3 Moduli del tipo Ring4

6 04/04/06E.Focardi6 TIB in MTCC TIB layer 3: 1 cooling loop is mounted on the CF prototype of Layer 3 structure –1 cooling loop = 15 strings = 45 modules = 90 fibres = 180 APVs –Final cooling, final grounding, DOHMs etc. TIB layer 2: 5 DS strings are mounted on ad hoc produced mockup of Layer 2 (doubled sided layer) –5 strings = 15 DS_modules= 30 SS_modules = 90fibres = 180 APVs –Final cooling, final clearance Service cylinder, cables and fibers support structure – CF prototype with final dimensions and clearances TIB integration @ SPiero: all the procedures were followed as close as possible to the real TIB integration with final tooling: module integration, piping, burn-in, layer coupling, cabling, testing etc. – good exercise for the final cabling procedure. TIB transportation – very realistic exercise for the real TIB transportation: the same company, tooling, procedures, monitoring, reception test etc. TIB insertion into TOB and cabling: the same tooling, TEAM, cabling and piping procedures.

7 04/04/06E.Focardi7 MTCC TIB burn-in @ Pisa: NOISE distribution in Deconvolution mode : some known number of dead strips Layer 3 Layer 2

8 04/04/06E.Focardi8 TIB(MTCC) integration @ Pisa MTCC TIB integration was done at S.Piero using the final cradle, insertion machine. Good experience, cabling procedures completely revised.

9 04/04/06E.Focardi9 Transportation 0.5 g -0.5 g TIB MTCC was transported by the company which should transport also final TIB+ and TIB-. The acceleration during the the transportation didn’t exceed 0.6g. Reception test at arrival didn’t show any damage to the tracker. Procedure ready for the final transport.

10 04/04/06E.Focardi10 TIB/TOB integration TIB Optical connectors TIB cooling pipes (Al) TOB TOB cooling

11 04/04/06E.Focardi11 TIB/TID+ modules integration completed (Pisa, Firenze, Torino) days since January05 L3 L4 L2 D1D2 Mounted objects D3 L1

12 04/04/06E.Focardi12 Integrazione TIB Rifinitura lavori meccanici e grounding Montaggio Analog Opto Hybrids e stesura fibre ottiche Formatura dei cavi dei Digital Opto Hybrids Montaggio dei moduli (e test) Fissaggio e cablaggio dei Digital Opto Hybrids Stazione di integrazione: -Supporto meccanico - DAQ per controllo e lettura di almeno 1 stringa di 3 moduli -Power Supply (LV, HV, controllo) 2 tavoli di integrazione a Pisa (S.Piero a Grado) 1 tavolo di integrazione a Firenze (Sesto Fiorentino)+ 1 in allestimento

13 04/04/06E.Focardi13 Trasporti Firenze-Pisa Torino-Pisa Shock absorber Il sistema di trasporto e’ ormai consolidato Gia’ trasportati a Pisa i layer 3,4,2 da Firenze e i dischi D1,D2,D3 + da Torino

14 04/04/06E.Focardi14 TIB forward: Layer 2 +1 Alta densita’ di fibre ottiche L2 up gia’ qualificata nel burn-in noise e cooling tests molto buoni L2 –Distanza ridotta tra stringhe sovrapposte –Alta densita’ delle fibre ottiche –Curvatura stretta dei tubicini L1

15 04/04/06E.Focardi15 TIB backward: componenti meccaniche Layer 4 –In preparazione per inizio integrazione moduli (fissaggio pillars in corso) Layer 3 & 2 –Ultimato incollaggio cooling tubes –Previsto ulteriore test di raffreddamento e portata Layer 1 –In corso incollaggio cooling tubes

16 04/04/06E.Focardi16 Dischi Interni Ring 3 Disco ultimato a Torino e pronto per il transporto Ring 1Ring 2

17 04/04/06E.Focardi17 OTTIMIZZAZIONI : Integrazione elettronica digitale Passaggio fibre Grounding Integrazione Anelli OPERAZIONI: montaggio servizi MC,DOM,AHO,Tprobe,p.ext. Montaggio moduli Test

18 04/04/06E.Focardi18 Test inserimento disco sul service cylinder E’ stato fatto un test di inserimento di un disco nudo nel service cylinder utilizzando il jig di allineamento disco- cilindro

19 04/04/06E.Focardi19 The climatic chamber A large cold room (~27 m 3 ) has been installed in Pisa to perform the burn- in of the assembled layers/disks of the TIB and TID. The room has a communication door directly into the clean room where the module integration is performed. The final configuration will allow to test up to ¼ Layer-2 and a ½ Layer-4 (half end). The room can be operated from - 30 o C to +80 o C and conditioned with dry air. Operations are controlled by a a dedicated PC. Feed troughs allow the routing of the cables from the cold room with the outside and the clean room.

20 04/04/06E.Focardi20 Setup Hardware –Power supply: SY1527 3 crates 22 CAEN PSM –18 4601H –4 4601F 2 channels 48 Volt CAEN + custom GUI + monitoring –Cables 44 LIC 8 CAB60 cables –Chiller Up to 7.5 bar freon TK TSC TK TFB TTCvx FED VME v2 TTCv x FECVME TK front end detectors Data FED VME v2 DAQ –1 FEC-VME (8 channels, 4 in use) –8 FED9U

21 04/04/06E.Focardi21 Pre-test operations Sizeable fraction of the time spent to prepare the structure –Disks and Layers 3 & 4 two days work –layer 2 fibers connected in 2 weeks (~2 people with Christmas holidays duty cycle...) All connections logged in integration DB and used for run analysis. Ribbons Cables cooling Disk fiber holder

22 04/04/06E.Focardi22 Scenario The burn-in protocol guarantees: –At least 30 hours powered, clocked and triggered, of which 10 hours cold –6 hours run under CMS conditions (chamber –10C, liquid –25C, bias 400 V) to study stability, reading temperatures, pedestals, noise Layers tested so far have been tested much longer (5 cycles, 100 hours integrated). 48 APV 36 APV Power supply parameters logged continuously Time (hours) Monitoring of cooling loops temperatures chiller pressure I 2.5 (A)

23 04/04/06E.Focardi23 Performed tests Control ring and I2C device scan –read-write test –redundancy –at two different temperatures warm (room 10C, C 6 F 14 0C) cold (room -10C, C 6 F 14 -25C) –not responding modules are replaced Thermal response –module temperatures measured at two working point (APV on and operational): room -10C, C 6 F 14 -10C room -10C, C 6 F 14 -25C –Differences used to study thermal contact Channel Readout: full sequence of tuning runs: –Connection all the modules has to be found –Timing scan –Opto-gain scan –Timing scan (FED thresholds) –VPSP scan (APV settings) –Pedestal/Noise runs Peak and Deco mode HV @ 400 V –tuning repeated when temperature is changed DAQ system runs smoothly

24 04/04/06E.Focardi24 Activities summary MTCC: DS modules 11 PSU, 2 DOHM 180 fibers, 2 FED Before: TIB+ layer3 UP: pre-reworking TID+ disk1: DS modules 26 PSU, 6 DOHM 368 fibers, 5 FED TIB+ Layer 2 UP: DS modules 42 PSU, 8 DOHM 630 fibers, 8 FED Cold room status TIB+ layer4 UP: SS modules only 20 PSU, 4 DOHM 318 fibers, 4 FED TIB+ layer4 DW: SS modules only 20 PSU, 4 DOHM 318 fibers, 4 FED TIB+ layer3 DW: only I2C test NOW: TIB+ layer3 UP: Number channels doubled since mid- December: –more than 160k strips in layer 2 UP

25 04/04/06E.Focardi25 Tested structures TIB+ L3 UP: –no cooling loop test –reworking done after the test TIB+ L4 DOWN: –from Oct 20 to Nov 14 cooling loop tested individually TIB+ L4 UP: –from Nov 15 to Dec 1 TID+ disk 1 (3 rings) –from Dec 17 to Dec 23 cooling loops ring 3 to be fixed TIB+ L2 UP –from Dec 27 to Jan 26 MTCC structure (L3+L2) –from Jan 27 to Feb 2 no cold test TIB+ L3 DOWN: –from Feb 3 to Feb 6 I2C cold test only to spot modules to be replaced before reworking TIB+ L3 UP (is back...) : –Feb 7 to Mar 29 Tests on new grounding scheme Disk 2 (3 rings) Mar 30 – April 6 (?) Future Plans: –TIB+ L3 DOWN –TIB+ L2 DOWN (both already cabled) –…

26 04/04/06E.Focardi26 Thermal All DCU temperatures read out during data taking at nominal flow To be compared with single module measurements of –Sensor -20.4 °C –Hybrid -17.8 °C Hence expect that the maximum sensor temperature at end-of-life would not exceed ~ - 16°C Sensor temperature Hybrid temperature Coolant @-25C

27 04/04/06E.Focardi27 Disco 1 : temp sensori a silicio Silicon @-14C for DS modules, @-17C for SS modules

28 04/04/06E.Focardi28 Good hybrids @-6C for DS modules, @-13C for SS modules Disco 1 : temp ibridi Ibridi Scollati :tipicamente 300  m

29 04/04/06E.Focardi29 Results: TID+ disk1 Problems in both forward strings of ring3: poor cooling liquid flux in those strings Confirmed by: –direct temp measurements –retrieving cooling loop test data ring 3 sensors hybrids Temperature pattern in the other strings is being compared with expectation Problem serious enough to stop burn-in and wait for reparation to redo it backwardforward

30 04/04/06E.Focardi30 Timing scan Step 1) all modules should be time aligned Synchronization pulses (tick-marks) from each modules are sampled by the FED and reconstructed in time with different delays. All (~258 ) tick marks are reconstructed and aligned All modules delayed to compensate the delay in the time arrival of trigger on the module consistent with logical position in the ring ADC Last position in the ringFirst position in the ring Opto gain

31 04/04/06E.Focardi31 Grounding studies String number Noise RMS Low High

32 04/04/06E.Focardi32 Summary of results Deconvolution L4Peak L4

33 04/04/06E.Focardi33 Noise run results: TIB+ L2 UP TIB+ L2 UP strip noise distribution –after CM subtr. Normalized to have a tick-mark height=640 counts Strips statistics: out of 161280: –~100-180 noisy –~75-110 dead ~1.5-2 per mil of bad strips ! peak warm deco cold deco warm peak cold

34 04/04/06E.Focardi34 Tracking Integration Facility

35 04/04/06E.Focardi35 TST in the TIF

36 04/04/06E.Focardi36 TOB Rod insertion

37 04/04/06E.Focardi37 TEC TEC- @TIF 169 petals assembled 148 tested

38 04/04/06E.Focardi38 TEC status Cosmic muon in TEC+, reconstructed in ORCA (23.3.06) 18 6 152

39 04/04/06E.Focardi39 Forward Pixel test

40 04/04/06E.Focardi40 Forward pixel, Milano Impegni 1.Organizzazione e responsabilita’ dei test su fascio dei fwd pixel 2.Sviluppo e responsabilita’ del software per il test-stand per la fase di produzione dei fwd pixel 3.Sviluppo e responsabilita’ del programma di allineamento dei fwd pixel 4.In prospettiva, partecipazione al commissioning dei fwd pixel Beam test –Abbiamo appena concluso (Febbraio ’06) un primo run dei rivelatori irraggiati a 3  10 13 Gli stessi rivelatori, non irraggiati, erano stati provati su fascio lo scorso Luglio –I risultati dimostrano che I rivelatori funzionano in modo pressocche’ perfetto e non manifestano alcun segno di degrado a 3  10 13 Si tratta del primo test su fascio dei nuovi chip di lettura condotto con un sistema di tracciamento ad alta risoluzione –Il set up utilizzato e’ quello di BTeV da noi opportunamente adattato Per ulteriori dettagli vedi presentazione Luigi alla pagina

41 04/04/06E.Focardi41 Progressi Pixel Test-Stand –Il software, DAQ e relativi programmi di analisi, e’ praticamente completo –Si sta ora lavorando sull’interfacciamento al DB –Principali caratteristiche del sistema sono L’alto grado di interattivita’ nell’eseguire la diagnosi completa dei rivelatori Brevissimi tempi di esecuzione grazie all’utilizzo di microprogrammi su FPGA Allineamento Pixel –Preso possesso dei vari programmi sviluppati –Si sta ora cercando di capirne le prestazioni e I limiti utilizzando I mezzi di calcolo dello CNAF (Pedrini) – contributo allo sviluppo del software di tracciamento: –Terminato il porting del pacchetto di Kalman filter in CMSSW, –si e’in ora in fase di begug & validation vedi ad es presentazioni Stefano/Marco/Giuseppe

42 04/04/06E.Focardi42 Off detector electronics

43 04/04/06E.Focardi43 Power System Components Delivery Status 820/1000A4601H PSMs modules already delivered, end by summer ‘06 400/1000Back Boards delivered, end by fall ‘06 80/130Easy 4000 crates delivered, end by summer ‘06 1/90A4602 PSMs for the controls: first proto delivered, production by fall ‘06 3/60A3486 Ac/Dc (48 Volts) delivered, end fall ‘06 22/22A1676 Branch controller delivered 2/2SY1527 delivered Cables Al cables and short control cables : received @Cern ~100/650 LIC production assigned:a sample of 2 Km are expected in April - 25% produced by mid July, production completed by Fall

44 04/04/06E.Focardi44 L4 sub-assembly Insertion jig@work !

45 04/04/06E.Focardi45 Test after final assembly We have checked the possibility to perform a final test of the TIB/TID+ fully assembled before transport. The entire cradle fits into the cold-room. Possibility to anticipate in Pisa the tests foreseen at TIF (hunt for unforeseen problems in the final assembly; possibility to operate in cold the entire TIB/TID; sort of pre-commissioning of TIB/TID+). The drawback is the time: 3 additional weeks are needed. The integration/burn-in team strongly supports the proposal. No impact on the overall schedule, backward part integration started on April 3-rd.

46 04/04/06E.Focardi46 Status and plans 1. The integration of the modules on the TIB/TID+ is done. 2. The sub-assembly has successfully started (L4). 3. With pre-commissioning in the cold room in Pisa we shall transport TIB/TID+ to CERN in May. 4. The module integration on the TIB/TID- part started at the beginning of April (5 integration teams in parallel). 5. We plan to transport TIB/TID- to CERN by August.

47 04/04/06E.Focardi47 v34.4 :best projection from current position Magnet test over: early Aug 06 Central wheel ready to lower: late Oct 06 Tracker installation: Feb 07 CMS "ready to close" end Jul 07 Re-optimised: ECAL, Preshower, Tracker Installation plus YB lowering.

48 04/04/06E.Focardi48 Integration, electronics & commissioning

49 04/04/06E.Focardi49 Milestones for Siliconstrip Completion of TIB / TID+ Integration in ItalyMay-06 Completion of TOB ModulesMay-06 Magnet Test System at P5 commissionedMay-06 Completion of TEC ModulesJun-06 Completion of TIB / TID- Integration in ItalyAug-06 Completion of TOB RODsAug-06 Completion of the Integration of TOB+Aug-06 Completion of TEC PetalsSep-06 Completion of the Integration of TEC+ in AachenSep-06 Completion of the Integration of TOB-Oct-06 Completion of the Integration of TEC- at CERNNov-06 TRACKER READY FOR TRANSPORT TO P5Jan-07

50 04/04/06E.Focardi50 Milestones for pixels Forward Pixels Completion of a full production bladeJul-06 Completion of the first production half ringDec-06 Completion of full FPIX readout chain system testDec-06 Barrel Pixels System test of complete BPIX module group with supply tube and final powering Jul-06 1/3 of modules for layer 1 & 2 fabricated & testedSep-06 2/3 of modules for layer 1 & 2 fabricated & testedNov-06 Supply tubes & mechanics for commissioning system delivered to PSI Dec-06

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