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INFN/Sanità – Summary 20132014 Human resources4 Researchers (2 over70) + 1 Post Doc 2.4 FTE 5 Techicians 3.5 FTE 2 Researchers (1 over70) + 1 PhD Student.

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Presentazione sul tema: "INFN/Sanità – Summary 20132014 Human resources4 Researchers (2 over70) + 1 Post Doc 2.4 FTE 5 Techicians 3.5 FTE 2 Researchers (1 over70) + 1 PhD Student."— Transcript della presentazione:

1 INFN/Sanità – Summary 20132014 Human resources4 Researchers (2 over70) + 1 Post Doc 2.4 FTE 5 Techicians 3.5 FTE 2 Researchers (1 over70) + 1 PhD Student (+ 1 PhD from RM3/G4 works on JLab and supported by ISS/G3) 2.0 FTE 5 Techicians 3.5 FTE BudgetMI: 4 ke (GEM Assembing, coll. meeting) ME: 13 ke (GEM test, exp. Preparation, coll. Meeting) CON: 9.5 (GEM assembling and test, RD51 + Olympus annula fee) TRA: 3 ke Rome-CT, Rome-JLab (2 ke returned) APP: 18 (GEM foils + readout, HDMI patch panel) Tot: 47.5 ke MI: 6 ke (GEM Assembing, coll. meeting) ME: 15.5 ke (SBS prototype test, data taking at JLab, coll. Meeting) CON: 11 ke (cons for GEM assembling, cons for RICH electronics) TRA: 5 ke (Rome-JLab) APP: 27 ke (prot. RICH electronics, HV-GEM divider, spare Front-end cards) Tot: 64.5 ke Milestone31/07: Assemblaggio completo di una camera a GEM, subordinato alla consegna da parte del CERN e nei tempi attesi, del materiale GEM – delayed or 90% completed 31/12: Completamento assemblaggio 6 moduli GEM Responsability @JLab 3 12 GeV experiments with spokenpersonship Responsible of the SBS/Front Tracker Member of the SBS Coordinating Committee

2 INFN/Sanità - Physics Scope Study the structure of the nucleon (N) by multiGeV electromagnetic probe investigating (mainly): Elastic N(e,eN ) and Compon N(, N ) polarized scattering Form Factors, Polarization Transfer (Semi inclusive) Deep Inelastic polarized N (e,e )X, N (e,eK)X processes Parton Distribution Functions (DF), Transverse Momentum Dependent DF Study the nucleon-nucleon forces by hypernuclear spectroscopy ( Guido Slides) «Byproducts»: study the reaction mechanisms

3 INFN/Sanità - Instrumentation SBS Tracker (in collaboration with BA, CT, GE, RM1): Based on the recent GEM technology and Silicon Microstrips Large chamber, small dead area, minimum material budget, for high luminosity experiments CLAS12 RICH: Front-End Electronics (in strong collaboration with GE), and general design support MAROC based electronics (derived from Medical application) Electronics, DAQ and tracking (by GEMs) for RICH prototyping Electronics for SPECT used for RICH prototyping Electronics for SPECT used for RICH prototyping High acceptance SuperBigBite High acceptance SuperBigBite GEp5 configuration

4 INFN/Sanità - Attività in corso (2013-2014) Analisi Esperimenti WACS (Wide Angle Compon Scattering) PhD Activity Ipernuclei: completamento 9 Be, nuova proposta (vedi Guido) Preparazione Esperimenti / Attività teorica: SIDIS Study the nuclear effects in 3 He-neutron effective target Apparati: Tracker x SBS / Produzione/Caratterizzazione GEM RICH-CLAS12 / Elettronica Readout e DAQ per test 4

5 Real Compton Scattering at Wide Angle Gruppo III 5 CdS - Roma - 28 Giugno 2013 Studiare il meccanismo di reazione a s, -t, -u >> m p 2 Accedere alle distribuzioni partoniche generalizzate Misura trasferimento di polarizzazione K LL o K LT dal fascio di fotoni al protone diffuso in reazione esclusiva Risultati preliminari consistenti con modello handbag: un quark attivo partecipa alla reazione, no scambio di hard-gluon (il regime non è da pQCD) Necessità di rivedere modelli delle distribuzioni partoniche generalizzate da cui può essere estratto il momento angolare orbitale dei partoni nel nucleone Preliminare JLab E99114 Analisi Data – Attività PhD

6 N&N 2013 - ComoE. Cisbani / TMDs @ JLab126 From 3 He to n (nuclear effects) Scopetta approach (2007): Bjorken limit, Impulse Approximation Assume asymmetries apply 3 He realistic spectral function extract them back. Proven to work in DIS extraction (C. Ciofi degli Atti et al. 1993) Improvement in progress (Del Dotto, Salmè, Scopetta) beyond the PWIA approx. Light front 3 He spectral function (consistent fully Poincarè covariant formalism) Remove Bjorken limit assume A. Del Dotto (2011)

7 Front Tracker GEM construction process Electronics based on APV25 chip Radiation Tolerant Components in FEC VME64x compliant readout Modular Stretching Gluing the next frame with spacers Sanità/BA: Test and characterization by cosmics CT GE used in Olympus Foils from GEM Noise level ~ 10 ADC unit (Analysis example) Revision

8 Primi moduli GEM finali 40x50 cm 2 8 BigGEM in solenoid Small GEM, ref. BigGEM as 2xGEM, ref. X y Beam Profile 2x2 small scintillators as telescope for trigger One big GEM in solenoid open space One big GEM beyond the magnet as reference tracking Basically all final components under test (big GEMs, electronics, gas system, cabling...) Analysis in progress --- Solenoid Clean hits vs time

9 SBS Tracker: summary Participants: INFN/BA – gas system and test INFN/CT – GEM assembling, mechanics, test, analysis INFN/GE – electronics design INFN/ISS – design, test, analysis and coordination INFN/RM1 – Silicon tracker JLab, Glasgow, UvA, Ruthers, UNH, CMU – SBS collaboration Funding: (prototyping and realization) 1 M$ Status: most of the components procured or ordered; GEM assembling underway; characterization in progress. Expected installation 2015 (delayed by JLab schedule) Note: project delayed by ~ 1 year – due mainly to foil delivery and first quality check failures. Do not affect JLab plan!

10 Front End Electronics - CLAS12 RICH Review – JLab - Sept/2013Turisini – Musico - Cisbani 10 Clean SPE identification Simultaneous analog and binary responses from MAROC electronics CLAS12-RICH Single Photo Electron Detection GAIN = 1 Large SNR of the binary response SPE! Going to design a new electronics based on existing implementation, optimized for the CLAS12 RICH and the JLab readout framework: - binary readout - time information at sub- ns level - analog for calibration

11 Short Term Plan 2014: complete most of the GEM assembling and characterization, start installation; (15 keuro) Complete RICH front-end electronics prototyping (30 keuro) Start data taking HallA, finalize WACS analysis 2015: GEM installation and commissioning (s.j. JLab plan) (10 keuro) RICH front-end production and characterization (TBD keuro) Data Taking HallA, SBS experiments preparation 2016: RICH installation Data taking (SBS experiments ?)

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