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EUROPEAN PROJECT LITTLE STORIE GREAT HOPES CTP Carducci di Verona Casa Circondariale di Montorio Verona Redazione di MicroCosmo Casa Circondariale di Montorio - Vr

2 CTP Gouvernament school ‘LITTLE STORIES GREAT HOPE’
Casa Circondariale CTP Gouvernament school EUROPEAN PROJECT ‘LITTLE STORIES GREAT HOPE’ MicroCosmo

3 Per il contenuto vedi allegato A

A conference took place with the partecipation of the project partner, the teachers of CTP, some operators working in the prison, and trainees of the University of Verona and Catania The leading expert has presented theory and methods of guiding the workshop activity, linking them to the context of prison (ppt and photos are attached) Along with this event, a visit to the prison has been organised During a meeting at Carducci school the ongoing activities in Verona has been presented The seminar has contributed to increase the knowledge of all the teachers about implementing the autobiographic method in the situation of imprisonment (vedi allegato E) (vedi allegato trascrizione conferenza e diapositive)


6 Foto lorenzi


Microcosmo is a magazin done in the prison , created by the detenuees It is a working permanent place to develop ideas and information Is a instrument of information for the external community To promote the information the people start from the personal experience and develop concience about their own point of view The prisoner is object and subject of observation: this is a critical point in the working section, but also is a hight instrument of personal growth (vedi allegato B)


10 The detenuees observe him self, the prison system and the social system in the past, in the present and the future The personal history is readed in the human hystory: for this reason , the autobiography describe the human history The autobiography, developed in the magazin redaction, is linked to the social an historic events

11 Activities of MicroCosmo
From the beggining the newspaper has started to write about articles to be published; the motivation to bring informations outside made evident the necessity to start from himself, with selfcontrol and responsabilty, and with the clearness of communicative objectves. The wish to write the newspaper has developed the necessity to broaden giving birth to new ways of research and experience. Therefore the Editorial Office has developed from its own inside different plans with specific objectives, that we can now summarize in:

12 - jeornalism writing(vedi allegato B)
- autobiographic writing - searching himself through pictures(vedi allegato D) - project of prevention about youth deviances “Vedo Sento Parlo – il valore delle regole e l’esercizio della legalità” (vedi allegato C) The writing themes can be specific; downstairs we can find one example done in the f section for the woman celebration on the 8° March.


Trough the observations made by the tutor, the evaluationon on how the activities are developing, is made The tutor and the trainer evaluate the response of the partecipants to the issues (problems, subject, thematic, requests), which emerged Adeguate strategies are adopted

15 The overal partecipation was, in the different sections of the prison: 50 people were involved (15 people for group) The stories are preserved by the authors We are giving here one example In the woman section, connected with the argue existing in the town, for the woman day - 8 march, the theme in the group was “THE BODY”. The idea to have the same argument between town and prison was a very important input, giving the idea to the prisoner women to stay in the same comunity

16 The writes of woman’s for 8 march
The start was a discussion above a pubblic letter done by a journalist The beginning of the working group was hard , the prisonners were talking just above “ pysicall character “ The conductor of the group , giving input with a brain-storming, (words –keys, that has been written in a black board), gave suggestions to develop new ideas, new deep feeling Each woman , after the input, could write ( woman with not good abilty in italian language were help in the exposition ) In the silence of the writing time, could emerge the deep aspect of the argument, that was very sensitive about the personal identity

17 All the compositions done in the working group demonstrated that a specific point in the woman’s life was mouving their own future When the last pencil was put down in the room was possible to feel a quite serene clima. In this silent clima it was seems that every woman was inside in her self and also outside from herself, able to be in a new dimension In different time the women were able to reed their own products: to hear the different stories about different life style was a positive imput


19 PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE Identity between light and shadow
During the course of photography (70 hours) ,which took place in the male section of ordinary prisoners, the students have had the possibilty to read themselves in a new way , learning also different techniques of photography 15 prisoners attended the course (vd allegato D)


21 “I SEE I HEARD I SPEAK the vale of the rules and the exercise ol legality”
Since te scholastic year Microcosmo supported by the above mentioned partners, has activated a prevention program against youth criminality, involving the intermediate and superior school (240 students have been involved the first year, 400 in the second year) Through th e experience of prisoners, the students may reflect on behavior and recognanize the elements at risk (vd allegato C)

22 Progetto prevenzione devianze giovanili

23 Progetto prevenzione devianze giovanili
. Progetto prevenzione devianze giovanili

24 Progetto prevenzione devianze giovanili

25 REALIZZAZIONE - Dirigente Scolastico Luciana Marconcini - Coordinatrice di Progetto “Little Stories Great Hopes” Annalisa Perusi - Testo elaborato da Paola Tacchella - Testo tradotto da Annalisa Perusi - Video sulla fotografia di Dannia Pavan - Trascrizione conferenza Rosa Eleonora Poidomani - Video sul progetto VSP degli studenti dell’Istituto Giorgi -


27 - Un ringraziamento particolare:
all’ex-direttore del Carcere di Verona, dott. Salvatore Erminio e all’attuale Direttore Dott. Antonio Fullone alla Responsabile dell’Area Educativa del carcere di Verona, Dott.ssa Enrichetta Ribezzi . alle persone detenute che hanno partecipato al progetto e che hanno reso possibile la diffusione dell’esperienza al Dirigente Scolastico Istituto Giorgi, ai docenti e agli studenti che hanno partecipato al progetto VSP alla Dott.ssa Giovanna Magri per il corso della fotografia alla Dott.ssa Adriana Lorenzi, esperta di autobiografia alla Redazione di Ristretti Orizzonti per il contributo nelle scuole alla giornalista Ornella Favero direttore di MicroCosmo Il progetto MicroCosmo prosegue grazie alle operatrici del progetto: Paola Tacchella, Dannia Pavan, Erica Benedetti, Eleonora Poidomani. I laboratori di scrittura autobiografica sono condotti da Paola Tacchella. -


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