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Presentazione sul tema: "LAVORARE ALL'ESTERO LAVORARE ALL'ESTERO"— Transcript della presentazione:

Classe 4 LT A A.S. 2004/2005 Liceo Scientifico Tecnologico Statale Leonardo Da Vinci – Lanciano (CH) PROGETTO ALTER SCUOLA PROGETTO ALTER SCUOLA LAVORARE ALL'ESTERO LAVORARE ALL'ESTERO

2 LAVORARE ALL’ESTERO A coloro che aspirano ad una carriera internazionale all’estero o a coloro che desiderano lavorare in una multinazionale è richiesta la conoscenza della lingua inglese, sin dai primi contatti con l’azienda d’interesse. Candidarsi in risposta ad un annuncio significa essere in grado di compilare un “application form” a risposte chiuse (predisposto dalla società in questione) che permette di valutare in prima istanza il livello di comprensione della lingua inglese da parte del candidato. Spesso, invece, si è subito chiamati al banco di prova con la richiesta di redigere sia il curriculum vitae (resumè) che la lettera di motivazione in lingua inglese. Noi, gruppo di lavoro della 4° A LST mettiamo a disposizione modelli di CV e di application letters, dai quali prendere spunto per redigere i propri documenti in futuro, nonché un semplice esempio di colloquio di lavoro.

The following lay-out of a letter shows us the essential parts of an application (covering) letter . Heading Sender’s address date Inside address Salutation Body of the letter complimentary close Enc. Signature Receiver’s address You can start either with Dear Sir(s) or Dear Mr. Brown, If you started with: Dear Sir , you end with: yours faithfully; if you started with: Dear Mr. Brown, you end the letter with: Yours sincerely enclosures, if any always use capital letters for the name of the month: ‘March’, not ‘march’ both handwritten and in block letters

4 Espressioni utili che si possono usare nei vari paragrafi di una Application Letter.
I saw/read about your company in today’s issue of <<The Times>> … With reference to your advertisement in <<The Times>> … I am interested in the post of … I should like to apply for the position of… The post you offer gives more opportunities for promotion. As I have carried out various jobs in this field, I feel I would be able to satisfy your requirements for the position. I worked as ……………………….. I have had experience in …………………… I have been working as …………………… with ……………… I enclose herewith my CV with the references of my current employers. My current employers have agreed to act as referees. I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you will call me for an interview. I hope you will consider my application favorably.

5 Nell’application letter possono essere aggiunte informazioni circa requisiti personali riguardanti il proprio carattere e le proprie attitudini: Have a sense of organization Be able to use modern technology Be willing to travel abroad Be able to work with others Be able to work alone Be familiar with computing Know the right people to help you Experienced Communicative Authoritarian Patient Know foreign languages

6 Modelli di un “Application letter”
Benedetta Croce Via della Riconciliazione, 73 72001 Assisi ( Pg ) ITALY 20th March 2005 The Marketing Director, The Excellent Company 20, Scottish Street Edinburgh EH1 1EE Dear Sir/Madam, I am interested in applying for the position advertised in The Sunday Times. To further acquaint you with the specifies of my background, I have attached a copy of my CV. I am highly enthusiastic, I have excellent communication skills and thoroughly enjoy working with people. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to further discuss with you any opportunities that may be available in your company. Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone or at the above address. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Benedetta Croce Enc. 1 C.V.

7 Emanuela Grisorio Via Nazionale, 170 20214 Rome ITALY 20th April 2005 Executive Recruitment Service Hempstead House, Selden Hill, London Dear Sir/Madam, With reference to your advertisement in “Lavoro Oggi” of 2th April I would like to apply for the post you are offering. I am 25 years old, unmarried and I have graduated from the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. I have sense of organization, and I am able to work alone and with others. I wish working for an international company with more opportunities. My personal qualifications are given in full details in the C.V. enclosed herewith. I am willing to undergo an interview should you require any further information. I look forward to receiving a favorable reply from you. Yours faithfully, Emanuela Grisorio Enc. 1 C.V.





12 Colloquio di lavoro in inglese
Q) What is your name? A) My name is … Q) What is your address? A) My address is … Q) What is your telephone number and your address ? A) My telephone number is … my address is … Q) Where do you come from? A) I come from Italy. Q) Where and when were you born? A) I was born in Italy on … Q) What about your work experiences? A) I am experienced only in summer jobs but I am able to learn quickly for my abilities. Q) What university did you graduate from? A) I graduated from … Q) Why did you choose your study course? A) I like Scientific Subjects above all physic, math and also because this course has given me the right knowledge for the requirements of the new economy.

13 Q) What do you like reading?
A) Adventures, thrillers, spy stories, magazines, newspapers, science fiction and love stories. Q) How do you spend your free time? A) Practicing Sports, listening to music, reading, gardening and surfing on the net. Q) Why are you interested in our company? A) Your Company has a prominent role in the use of modern technologies and I suppose it can give me good opportunities of career. Q) What are your professional purposes? A) I’d like to obtain an important role in your safety management and I am willing to travel abroad, to attend stages and training courses. Q) How long have you been looking for a work? A) Only for six months because I have just graduated. Q) What is your ideal job ? A) It should be an interesting job with a good working hours and an adequate salary . It should give me the opportunity to travel and meet other people. Q) What are the reasons of the most important decisions you usually take? A) To satisfy my personal attitude and to give my contribute to the community. Q) What are your main skills for the post we are offering? A) I am efficient, reliable and trustworthy, I have got no problems to work hard and to respect the dates. I am also authoritarian and communicative.

14 prof.ssa Giuseppina Palazzoli
Realizzazione grafica e multimediale di: Mascitti Marco Elaborazione dei contenuti di: Di Florio Lia Caporale Francesca Cannone Andrea Conti Antonio Di Menno Di Bucchianico Lorena Scimia Marco Spagnuolo Alessandra Salino Chiara Di Franco Michele Scaglione Giuseppe D’alessandro Luana Celenza Martina Carozza Luigi Di Crisci Matteo Corvino Giuseppe Progetto a cura della: prof.ssa Giuseppina Palazzoli


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