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Le Interazioni cibo-farmaco

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1 Le Interazioni cibo-farmaco

2 Possibili interazioni cibo-farmaco
I cibi possono alterare l’assorbimento dei farmaci I cibi possono interferire con azioni dei farmaci I farmaci possono alterare assorbimento e utilizzazione di vitamine e minerali I farmaci possono alterare l’appetito The main way that food and drugs interact are: Some foods may affect how a drug is absorbed. The drug may go into the body faster or slower or more or less of the drug may be absorbed. A food may also alter how a drug works. It may make it last a longer or shorter time in your body or may make it not have the desired effect on your medical condition. Similarly, drugs can change how a food or vitamin or mineral is absorbed or metabolized by the body. Finally a drug may make you feel more or less hungry than usual.

3 In Generale, come assumere I farmaci
Con molta acqua One beverage is definitely beneficial when taking medications in pill or capsule form. That is water. Every time you take a pill or capsule, be sure to drink at least 8 ounces of water. Water helps to dissolve the medicine and improve its absorption. Diluting and dissolving some medicines with water also may make them less likely to irritate or upset your stomach.

4 Vuoto o pieno?? Seguire la scheda illustrativa
It is also important to know whether you should take your medicines with or without food or milk. Sometimes having something in your stomach can interfere with drug’s absorption and/or metabolism. Other times having something in your stomach, even just milk, can protect the stomach from any irritation from the medicine.

5 Non sciogliere farmaci nei cibi
Definitely do not mix a medicine directly into a food or beverage unless your doctor or pharmacist recommends it. Substances in the food can sometimes bind with the drug and make it either not work at all or work less well.

6 con alcol? NO Most importantly, do not take any medication with an alcohol beverage (wine, beer or liquor). Drinking alcohol while you are on a drug can make some drugs more likely to damage your stomach lining which could lead to bleeding. Sometimes drinking alcohol can also increase the chances that a drug will damage your liver, raise your blood pressure, make you drowsy or impair your concentration and coordination. Even if you are allowed to drink while you are on a drug, limit your intake to 1-2 servings per day. One serving is one 12 oz. beer, 4 oz. of wine and 1 ½ ounces of hard liquor. REMEMBER – Never drink alcohol while taking any drug without getting your doctor’s OK.

7 Farmaci, succo di pompelmo o altre spremute
Attenzione… A new concern is the effect of grapefruit and grapefruit juice on drugs. Grapefruit can inactivate an enzyme that controls the amount of a medicine that is absorbed from the intestines. For many drugs this increase may result in very high levels of the medicine in the body that may be toxic. Also grapefruit can cause some drugs to not work as well as expected.This is the case for Viagra, the impotence drug and Allegra, a drug used for controlling allergies. These negative affects can continue for 24 hours after drinking or eating the fruit. Since tangelos are a hybrid of grapefruit, you also need to avoid them. Always ask your doctor of pharmacist whether you should avoid grapefruit or grapefruit juice when taking a drug. Unfortunately, some printed literature that you might get about a drug may not specifically tell whether grapefruit affects the drug, so you must ask.

8 Coumadin e Vitamin K Verdure
Dieta usuale, costante, per evitare alterazioni dell’ INR Are any of you on Coumadin or warfarin, the blood thinner? Coumadin helps to keep the blood from clotting too much and causing a heart attack or stroke. Because Vitamin K helps to make the blood clot, people who take Coumadin need to control their intake of foods that contain Vitamin K. They must eat consistent amounts of these foods so that the dose of Coumadin can be adjusted so the blood will clot enough but not too much. Foods high in vitamin K tend to be leafy green vegetables like kale, turnip greens, broccoli and brussel sprouts. You also need to be careful amount taking vitamins supplements since they can also contain Vitamin K and Vitamin E. Vitamin E can decrease clotting and could cause you to bleed if you are on coumadin.

9 Non assumere prodotti caseari
Con Tetracicline (no supplementi con ferro) Antifunginei Some drugs do not work when dairy products are consumed. These include tetracycline, an antibiotic and several anti-fungal medicines like Diflucan and Nizoral. Also iron supplements can cause tetracycline to not work well.

10 Inhibitore MAO No alcolico e formaggi
Do not drink beer, red wine or any other alcohol while on one of these drugs. Also do not eat any aged cheese like cheddar, American, bleu, brie, Parmesan or mozzarella cheese. Also avoid any cured meats like lunch meats, hard sausage, any liver, any game meat like venison or caviar or dried fish.

11 Farmaci per dispepsia Effetto annullato da Alcool e caffeina
Finally don’t have alcohol or any food containing caffeine with medicines used to control heartburn or gastro-esophageal reflux. They will just cause the stomach irritation you are trying to control.

12 Acido Folico Numerosi farmaci possono interferire con l’assorbimento, l’utilizzazione e l’immagazzinamento dei folati. I contraccettivi orali, i chemioterapici (utilizzati nella terapia dei tumori e delle malattie autoimmuni), la colestiramina (un farmaco utilizzato per ridurre il colesterolo ematico) e gli agenti antiepilettici, quali i barbiturici e la difenilidantoina, come pure la sulfasalazina, un farmaco utilizzato nel trattamento della colite ulcerosa. Anche gli antiacidi ed i recenti farmaci anti-ulcera, sono stati imputati a loro volta di interferenze con l’assorbimento dell’acido folico.

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