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Per aggiungere alla diapositiva il logo della società: Scegliere Immagine dal menu Inserisci Individuare il file con il logo della società Scegliere OK Per ridimensionare il logo: Fare clic su un punto qualsiasi del logo. Attorno all'oggetto verranno visualizzati i quadratini di ridimensionamento. Per ridimensionare l'oggetto, utilizzare i quadratini. Per conservare le proporzioni dell'oggetto da ridimensionare, trascinare i quadratini di ridimensionamento tenendo premuto MAIUSC. VARO SRL LOGISTIC, QUALITY, SERVICE Varo Srl 11 , St. Cantoniga 22100 – Albate (CO) P.IVA

2 Our Job Fabric Quality Control Laboratory Tests Logostics Advisings

3 QUALITY CONTROL Fabric quality control : three among the most up-dated inspection machines (see machinery section) allow to check fabrics of every kind (knitted, shuttle, yarn-dyed, solid, prints, jersey and elastic) and for every use (clothing, furnishings, …). Two more inspection machines assure the control of grey cloth in order to avoid a waste of time and money in the processing of an originally defective fabric. Our knowledge of customers' problems comes from our thirty years old experience in this field. It has allowed VARO to develop a brief but detailed report in order to single out defective pieces and the general quality degree of the goods.

4 LABORATORY TESTS Laboratory tests : stability and solidity tests provide useful technical information for fabric manufacture and a further quality control.

5 LOGISTICS Logistics: our store is fitted out with pallets and shelves so that goods can be kept divided by customer and pieces number. A business software, worked specifically out for our company, monitor your products in real time. Transport service: we manage and organise the delivery of fabrics to and from company as far as grey and semi-finished cloths are concerned. A careful analysis of customer's requirements has led to establish a packing list and a direct and legible piece tag.

6 ADVISINGS Technical service suppliers control: thanks to its location in this area, VARO is able to give advice about services given by other firms. Advisings on textile researches

7 MACHINERY Innovation Quality Laboratory

8 INNOVATION COLTEX The COLTEX is a spectophotometr that allow you to check the color balance among the pieces..

9 INNOVATION ISRAELIAN The Israelian viewer let a distributed robotic view of anything. We use the Israelian viewer to check defectives and eventually to certify them.

10 QUALITY They are among the most up-dated and efficient machines, and allow to check every kind of fabric (knitted, shuttle, yarn-dyed, solid, prints, jersey and elastic) for every use (clothing, furnishings,…).

11 LABORATORY PRESS Press: this steam pressis unique in its kind and UNI/ISO certified, and it is used to value the dimensional stability of the product.

12 CONTACTS (Owner) (Owner) (Quality repr.) (Administrative) (Costumers) General Info General Info

13 CONTACTS Varo S.r.l. 11, St Cantoniga 22100 - Albate (CO)
TEL: (0) FAX: +39 (0)


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