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Roma 2-4-2007S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca ECAL Aprile 2007.

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Presentazione sul tema: "Roma 2-4-2007S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca ECAL Aprile 2007."— Transcript della presentazione:

1 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca ECAL Aprile 2007

2 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Sommario Problema MB, e soluzione –Progresso nella integrazione e commissioning Risultati da test/commissioning –MTCC –Test beam H2 –Test beam H4 –Cosmici

3 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Attività ECAL 2007 (v. MD 9/2006) Costruzione Moduli EB Centro Regionale (fase finale) Integrazione Super Moduli Bld27 (fase finale) Pre-calibrazione con Cosmici ad H4 (fase finale) Installazione e cablaggio ECAL Barrel in CMS Commissioning ECAL Analisi ECAL H4 Analisi dati H2 ECAL+HCAL PREPARARSI ALLA FISICA

4 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca ECAL integration progress in 2006 Spring ’05: first SM assembled with final MB Dec ’05: first SM assembled with final cooling Jan ’06: first problems appeared during MB installation May-July ’06: bad kapton batches delivered  rejected Sept-Oct ’06: SM validation test before Point 5  detected new disconnected channels at MB level Front-end electronics integration suspended in Oct ’06 Good health test of most of the already assembled SM Ageing test campaign on 300 MBs Creation of a task force Dec ’06: IBE decided to change MBs in as many SM as possible without interfering with CMS installation schedule

5 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca MB task force Members of the task force: A. Benvenuti with: A. Ball, P. Bloch, T. Camporesi, W. Lustermann, J.Nash, N. Pastrone, F. Pauss, P. Sharp,T. Virdee Task force meetings: October 31 st, November 15 th, 27 th and December 7 th The first meeting was dedicated to an overview of the problem, planning of the test campaign and procurement of a new generation of kapton cables. The other meetings were basically driven by the availability of the tests results

6 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Faults happening at the level of the connection (hand soldering) between kaptons, VFE connectors and PCB on the Motherboards 1 MotherBoard = 25 channels 1 SuperModule = 68 MBs = 1700 channels

7 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Ageing tests Sample of ~7500 ch spread over the whole MBs production from 4 dismounted SMs + extras –90 thermal cycles (-20ºC, 80ºC) Hp: > 10 LHC years operation checks done after cycles to study mortality – chemical stress: 80h at 80ºC and 80% humidity only on ½ sample to verify effect of residual soldering flux and kapton anomalies

8 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca B ch TO 21 ch Thermal cycles -20 to 80 0 C: B27 16 ch Channels Tested = 7850 (6750 from 4 SMs ) 80h C - 80% hum Channels Tested ~ 4225 B27 11 ch B27 8 ch B27 2 ch

9 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca “The MB tests done in Torino before and after the thermal stress cycles indicated that some of the faults (disconnected channels), 30% before the first test and 3-4% afterwards, were actually intermittent. Most of the faults ascribed to bad soldering occurred before the first thermal cycle suggesting that they probably broke during the removal/insertion operation. The faults ascribed to kapton occur during the thermal stress cycles more or less at the same rate within the limited statistics. The chemical stress test yielded only 2 faults/4225 channels Profile analysis of 6 MB that failed the thermal stress cycles presented a pattern of defective kapton manufacturing and soldering “ A. CMS Management Board Dec 8, 2006

10 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca “The overall picture that emerges from the tests and the handling of the boards (intermittent contacts) is that the kapton cables and the soldering to the pcbs are weak spots of the MBs, that probably will deteriorate with time since cables and solder points are under stress. The best strategy is to replace as many MBs as possible within the financial and more important the schedule constraints of CMS Technical coordination has developed a scenario where EB is fully installed in UX, mostly in the shadow of the layout of the cooling ducts and power cables for the tracker. This allows for maximal flexibility for the refurbishing EB without macroscopic delays in the readiness for Tracker Installation. The task force recommends that plans are made to replace the MBs in the entire EB if this proves to be consistent with the CMS schedule” A. CMS Management Board Dec 8, 2006

11 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca New MB parameter definition Task force examined in detail all the possible improvement to the new production exploiting past experience: –Kapton design was mechanically improved –New tests during production were required due to tacker experience –New assemply technique were tried Two new company were selected Ageing tests of 44 new MBs OK

12 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Schedule ( as from L. Veillet planning) First installation window: April 17-May8 Second installation window: may 15- June 6 (but still discussions on start date: likely that the whole period shift by at least one week, in Austin master plan this shift is indeed implemented) Last MB delivered on 11 May : this is the Critical path (last bare SM delivered 3rd week of April!)

13 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca New integration B867 MB & cooling assembly

14 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Old integration B867 front-end integration & SM commissioning

15 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Integration status March –18 “mibare” completed (MB and cooling only) 11 completed and commissioned 2 completed and ready for commissioning 3 are being integrated 2 waiting integration on schedule for finished SMs (even slightly ahead) 15 Institutes involved in the integration & commissioning

16 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca ECAL schedule 9 SMs/month Current schedule today

17 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca 2006: test beams+Cosmici+MTCC H4 H4-cosmici H2 MTCC

18 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca MTCC Shower in ECAL Per ECAL principalmente un esercizio di integrazione DAQ DCS e Data Quality Monitor (G. Della Ricca Ts) hanno funzionato bene ECAL ha funzionato per circa 2 mesi senza problemi: noise allo stesso livello osservato in H4

19 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca MTCC TB results confirmed noise/ch ~ 40MeV No B-induced changes in the pedestal RMS  RMS pedestals 0T-3.8T 3400 ch

20 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca H2 – TB combinato ECAL+HCAL Raccolti dati di ottima qualità: elettroni e pioni 1 – 300 GeV

21 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca H2 goals Disponibili solo risultati preliminari: non esistevano per questi task software e algoritmi consolidati su test precedenti 20GeV beam 00 00 H2 Combined calorimetry Electron (photon)/hadron separation with ECAL only (shape analysis etc.) pi0 reconstruction and study of in-situ calibration with pi0 linearity studies down to 1 GeV e -

22 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Test beam H4 Attività coordinata con successo da Nicolò Cartiglia (TO) Provata l’intera catena: XDAQ, DQM, CMSSW 9 SM calibrati, di cui 1 x 2 H4 E anche: Irradiation (6 Xtals) Energy Scan & linearity ( GeV, in M1, M3, M4 and as a function of eta) Gap & cracks, corners & edges (at different energies, in several positions) Horizontal and vertical fine scan (every 2 mm) Gain ratio (at many energies) Trigger primitives Zero suppressions Synchronous running Muons Xtals Monitoring and Laser operation

23 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca SM22SM18SM16SM17 September SM24SM12 August October SM22 SM November SM6 SM13 25 ns period H4 test timeline

24 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Test beam H4 - analisi alcuni tra i principali goal: –Calibrazione: precisione di intercalibrazione e riproducibilità (resp. P.Govoni Mi) dimostrata allo 0.2% viene usata come riferimento per: –misure light yeld in laboratorio –intercalibrazioni con cosmici –Contenimento e confronto con Geant4, scan in  : analisi in corso e risultati preliminari (Resp. C. Rovelli Rm) –Linearità: risultati preliminari (Resp. N. Pastrone)

25 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca H4: intercalibration precision

26 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca H4: intercalibration stability

27 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca H4 - electrons vs. LY

28 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Test beam H4 Provata la solidità dell’intera catena di monitoring e calibrazione: –Light yield (misura in lab, prima di montaggio) –DQM –Calibrazione cosmici (commissioninng SM) –Calibrazione con elettroni (test beam) –Laser Chiare relazioni quantitative tra le informazioni raccolte con le diverse procedure: fondamentali per commissioning finale di tutti i SM

29 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Calibrazioni con raggi cosmici E’ la procedura di intercalibrazione adottata per tutti i supermoduli a completamento del commissioning (resp. A.Ghezzi, Mi) –APD gain x 4 (200 invece di 50) controllato con laser –progressi in: confronto con intercalibrazioni su fascio (notare range dinamico) contributo di mu che attraversano due cristalli studio e riduzione di effetti sistematici calibrazione di cristalli di confine modulo-modulo e di bordo del supermodulo

30 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Scintillatori di trigger posizionati in modo da massimizzare l’accettanza per  puntanti Cornice di scintillatori di tag sui bordi del SM, per assicurare che il  passi per il SM 10° SM inclinato di 10° per aumentare il rate di  puntanti a grande . Cosmics Setup

31 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Comparison with the test beam Comparison of the relative calibrations to study the typical results on a SM. All the TB calibrated SMs (except SM24) are merged, to obtain the average behaviour. M4 M3 M2 M1 M1  ~ 1.25 % M2  ~ 1.28 % M3  ~ 1.32 % M4  ~ 1.81 %

32 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Comparison with the TB  index Considering the whole  range and all the SMs:  =1.41 % whole SM All the SMs No SM24 including SM 24  =1.49% in the peak Similar results for all the SMs relative calibrations

33 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Comparison with TB Comparing the global calibration gives a figure of the accuracy obtainable from the calibration with cosmic muons, and of the spread between SMs  =1.47 % including SM 24  =1.55% in the peak All the SMs No SM24 Similar results for all the SMs

34 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Edge and intra modules crystals Overall agreement for the combined calibration of the intra-module crystals: M1||M2 ~ 1.5 % M2||M3 ~ 1.65 % M3||M4 ~ 2.1 %  =1.45 % Relative calib Including the intra modules All the SMs No SM24 For the edges: From pairs M1~2.2%, M2~2.4%, M3~ 2.7%, M4 ~4.4% From singles They will be combined

35 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Cosmic calibration - summary The average agreement of the calibration with cosmics and at the TB, over a single SM is at the level of 1.4% (1.5% including SM24) If also the global calibration between the different SMs is taken into account the agreement is at the level of 1.5% (1.55% including SM24) This varies from about 1.3% in M1 to about 1.8% in M4

36 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Conclusioni Il retrofitting delle MB procede secondo la schedule –nessuna sorpresa –test con cosmici di moduli retrofitted dimostrano la riproducibilità delle calibrazioni La campagna di test e analisi del dimostra: –intercalibrazioni determinate e riprodotte allo 0.2% –robustezza della procedura di: misura LY in laboratorio DQM (resp. Trieste: G.Della Ricca et al.) monitor laser calibrazioni cosmici –Altri importanti risultati nella pipeline di analisi confronto tra diverse procedure di calibrazione linearità confronto con Geant4 calibrazione con pi0

37 Roma S. Ragazzi Milano-Bicocca Conclusioni (2) Restava un solo problema... –la revisione della schedule per il retrofitting delle MB comportava la quasi cancellazione dell’ importante programma di commissioning in situ (DQM, HV, laser...) sembra che anche questo problema ora sia risolto, ma non è una buona notizia

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