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Viruses. Useful links How you get the flu:

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1 Viruses

2 Useful links How you get the flu:

3 Virus are very basic organisms Structure DNA is stored inside the head capsule No ribosomes, so cannot reproduce by themselves Must inhabit host in order to reproduce Through lytic cycle or lysogenic cycle

4 Lyctic Cycle Particle attaches to host. Releases genetic information Injected genetic material recruits host enzymes Enzymes make parts for new virus particles Assemble and break free

5 Lysogenic Cycle DNA is integrated into the hosts’ genome All daughter cells will have the virus DNA At a later date, the daughter cells can release the viruses and go through the lytic cycle

6 Question about viruses 1. True or False: Many common illnesses are caused by viruses. 2. True or False: Viruses are easily killed by drugs such as antibiotics. 1. Vero o Falso: molte malattie comuni sono causate da virus. 2. Vero o Falso: I virus sono facilmente ucciso da farmaci come antibiotici.

7 3. True or False: Once you have contracted a specific virus, you will not get sick from this virus again because of the antibodies produced in your body. 4. True or False: Many diseases caused by viruses can be avoided through being vaccinated against the virus. 3. Vero o Falso: Dopo aver contratto un virus specifico, non si ammalano di questo virus di nuovo a causa degli anticorpi prodotti nel vostro corpo. 4. Vero o Falso: Molte malattie causate da virus possono essere evitati mediante l'essere vaccinati contro il virus. Question about viruses

8 5. True or False: Viruses are very fragile and cannot live on surfaces outside of the human body. 6. True or False: Viruses have the ability to change themselves, or mutate, over time. 5. Vero o Falso: I virus sono molto fragili e non può vivere sulle superfici esterne del corpo umano. 6. Vero o Falso: I virus hanno la capacità di cambiare se stessi, o mutare, nel corso del tempo. Question about viruses

9 7. True or False: Viral illnesses cannot be transferred from animals to people. 8. True or False: The only way to transmit viruses is through close physical contact with an infected person. 7. Vero o Falso: malattie virali non possono essere trasferiti dagli animali alle persone. 8. Vero o Falso: L'unico modo per trasmettere virus avviene attraverso stretto contatto fisico con una persona infetta. Question about viruses

10 9. True or False: Viruses can become resistant to drugs used to treat them. 10. True or False: One of the best ways to prevent the spread of viral diseases is frequent, thorough hand washing. 9. Vero o Falso: virus può diventare resistente ai farmaci usati per curarle. 10. Vero o Falso: Uno dei modi migliori per prevenire la diffusione di malattie virali è frequente, alla igiene. Question about viruses

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