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Metodi post-genomici in biochimica cellulare. Metodi post-genomici.

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1 Metodi post-genomici in biochimica cellulare

2 Metodi post-genomici

3 Quantitative analysis of systems biology by taking advantage of available genomic information at the level of 1.SNPs analysis associated to disease or drug response 2.mRNA (transcriptomics) 3.Protein (proteomics) 4.Post-translational modifications (aka “modificomics”) 5.Surface exposure (surfomics) 6.Protein-protein interactions (interactomics) n 7.Small metabolites (metabolomics) and their relations (metabonomics) Many other fantasy exercises (glycomics, lipidomics, allergenomics, degradomics, excluding – perhaps – comics...) G.B Smejkal, “I’m an –omics, you’re an -omics... ” Exp. Rev. Proteomics 3 (2006) 383-385 Metodi post-genomici

4 Modelli cellulari e animali Trascrittomica Proteomica Systems biology

5 Modelli cellulari e animali (farmacologici e/o genetici)

6 Modelli cellulari (farmacologici e/o genetici) Facilità di mantenimento e trattamento Possibilità di combinare trattamento farmacologico e manipolazione genetica Utili per riprodurre un singolo meccanismo Cellule umane (o murine)

7 Modelli animali (farmacologici) Intero organismo vs. cellule isolate Trattamento sistemico o lesione chimica locale Possibilità di valutare l’effetto anterogrado/retrogrado

8 Modelli animali (e vegetali?!?) (genetici) Organismi modello Genoma noto Non solo topo! Vita breve Invertebrati (e piante…)

9 Trascrittomica

10 Common steps to expression analysis

11 RTqPCR microRNAs are short (around 23 nt) non coding RNAs with roles in transcriptional regulation of gene expression



14 Quantification & Analysis


16 Arrays


18 Microarray technology has two major applications: gene expression analysis and genetic variation analysis. All gene expression microarrays are based on probes hybridization of labelled cDNA. Differences arise in the labelling dye, deployment, and probes immobilization and/or organization. Illumina beads arrays Affymetrix genechips Agilent microarrays


20 Cluster analysis

21 Euclidean distance Pearson correlation

22 Do it yourself:

23 Next generation sequencing

24 1 st gen. Sanger seq.

25 2 nd gen. Illumina

26 2 nd gen. IonTorrent

27 3 rd gen. Pacific Biosciences

28 3 rd gen. Oxford Nanopore

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